The Madagascar Team Is Doing Great!

Madagascar is doing incredibly well!  As their leader, when I watch them conquer the Obstacle Course Wall and I see how well they work together and how hard they work, it makes it difficult for me to pray with them when it’s over because I’m so proud of them that I’m almost in tears.

They are always encouraging the other team members and have just been a super big blessing all around.  Today (Sunday) we were encouraged and challenged at the Galilean Church Service where Mr. Vanderpool brought a message from a boat in the lake.  It made us all remember the Biblical scene of Jesus getting in a boat to preach to the multitudes.  It was great to think about God’s creation as he talked about the first parents, Adam and Eve, in the garden of Eden and as we sat on the banks of the lake listening, we were more than ever aware of the beauty and majesty of our God.

Today was also Olympic day so the afternoon was spent challenging each other in several different contests.  Results are yet to be announced.  We will be enjoying pizza and a milkshake tonight for dinner and every team member and leader is super excited for that!!

We have had a variety of speakers at our evening rallies that have really challenged these teens to follow Jesus more closely and it is refreshing to see many of them seriously responding to God’s working in their hearts.

With one week down and one to go, we are all beginning to think even more about getting to Madagascar and the work we have waiting for us there.

Please keep praying for the team.  For safety on the bikes, for team unity and humility and for spiritual growth for leaders as well as team members. 

Mallory A:  Boot Camp is going pretty well.  I can’t believe we’re almost at the halfway point.  Today we rode the complete circuit for the first time and it was so so so fun.  I can’t wait to ride in Madagascar.  Our teams have been bonding great.  I think we’ve really come together on the O.C.  We’re praying for rain and/or the pool (again)!  Love and miss you, Mom, Dad & the Chickens. 🙂

Joe S:  Boot Camp is going pretty well.  I can’t believe it is almost over.  This Madagascar team is really great.  We have really come together on the Obstacle Course.  All of us have really improved on riding the bikes.  We’ve had a lot of fun being together and I feel like we are a lot closer.  I’m so ready to go to Madagascar.



  1. Thnk you so much for the pictures an the updates we feel like we r right there with you all. Give shad brown a hugg. From nana an papa. We continue to pray for the teams. God bless you all.

  2. Parents, is there a Madagascar parents facebook page?

  3. Thank you, Madagascar team, for your update. Great to hear how well the team is working together and the improvements on the cycles!
    Love you, Emily!

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