A Report From The Australia Team

Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp!

Florida continues to pour out sunshine all over the summer training here. Progress carries on in team building, learning to be disciplined and Scripture memorization. Our team’s newest member, Tristen, has adapted well to the way the team works and the team has graciously accepted him as a member. Since he just completed his senior year, he arrived after his graduation in Seattle–to a very different climate! 

We were blessed at the Friday morning and evening Big Top time by an acting troupe that performed “The Story of God.” In about 90-minutes, they chronologically depicted the Old and New Testaments through music, dance, and drama. Our team’s response was overwhelming positive. One member of the team experienced God in a fresh way, prompting him to rededicate his life to Christ. This was a really cool way for all of us to see the bigger picture of how God worked through the Bible and, therefore, how we should live.

If you’ve been watching the live rallies online, you may have seen us receive the Piggy Award for having the dirtiest campsite. This is the second time. It seems that this has motivated the team to be more organized and mindful of trash around our tents, eating area and Big Top seats.

Since today is Sunday, there are no training classes. Instead, there will be Olympics in the afternoon, where teams compete in various relays consisting of wheel barrow races, duffel bag hops, along with many other events. Not only does this give the students an outlet for their seemingly endless energy, it continues the team building process. After that, we are looking forward the huge, gator-shaped pizzas and strawberry milkshakes. Some pizzas will have actual alligator meat! Hundreds of gallons of ice cream will be added to fresh strawberries to create some heavenly shakes. The kids keep talking about how they’re looking forward to this meal. This is a real treat since we’ve not had these during our time here.

Only seven days of boot camp left. Please pray for us as we dodge mosquitos, jungle and heat rash, poison oak, 95 degree heat with lots of humidity and wolf spiders!


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