Team Malawi Isn’t Just Surviving… We Are Rockin’ Boot Camp!

The Lord is working in the hearts and minds of the teens here each day.

We are consistently presented with challenging situations and the kids are learning to choose to have positive attitudes and face the challenges head on.

Today (Sunday) we will be changing tent partners. Change is often hard so please pray that friendships will grow deeper and patience will prevail. The team is working hard to try to win the Clean Award and we have come close but havn’t quite achieved it yet. The swimming pool is the prize so we are motivated and hopeful each night.  Today is also the TMI Olympics and the day we get alligator pizza and strawberry milkshake.  

Each day the team has music practice as we put together our team presentation. These songs will be used, along with puppets, to present the Gospel to the people in Malawi. Abigail S. is jamming on the guitar and doing a fantastic job playing for the team. Tommy E. and Katie J. are also helping lead the music with their Ukuleles. The entire team sounds wonderful when they sing and they are coming up with a great collection of songs.  We are blessed to have a talented and musically inclined team.

The team has had a lot of fun swimming in Alligator Lake and jumping off the rotating carossel. It’s a fun way to get clean. They do usually wash off with soap afterwards. Our back-up leader, Mr. Drew, usually saranades us with his guitar while the team swims. Ms. Beth, our head lady leader, has been life guarding for us.

After dinner each evening, the team enjoys a time of praise and prayer requests.  It’s been a time to laugh and remember the good things the Lord has provided for us throughout the day and a time to express our prayer requests and join as a team in prayer and support of our little “family”.  Almost nightly we have a visitor in our campsite… an armadillo.  “He’s” about the size of a large cat and of course has a hard shell.  His favorite tents to visit are Kyleigh P. and Katie M.’s.  Then he runs around often visiting Mr. Bret’s tent and then Ms. Raina’s tent.  All the while he’s sounding like he’s dragging a truck behind him.  It was pretty alarming at first but the team has mostly gotten used to it.  Nobody has tried to catch him so no need to worry about any side affects.  At night the team is serenaded by tree frogs and some loud bird-type sounds.  

We were happy to help Andrew L. celebrate his birthday yesterday.  We had fun singing him happy birthday and he went first in the meal line all three meals.  

Our work classes are going well.  Everett K. and Erin G. are showing their skills in block-laying and Andrew L. in carpentry class.  Each of the team members is learning new skills that will help us in our construction project in Malawi and might even come in handy throughout their life.  Mr. Bret us using his “dad” skills to help us keep our areas of responsibility clean.  Even the littlest piece of paper counts against us in the clean award.  

We are down to seven days left of Boot Camp and we are excited as we learn and grow together before heading out to Malawi.  We covet all your prayers.  We know Satan would love to divide us and do his best to stop our efforts.  We send love to all our family members and thank all of you who have sent notes and e-mails.  Please write to your teen today and get it in the mail to Malawi.  We would love for each teen to get a piece of mail.  It’s sad when one doesn’t get any but always joyful when they do.  

Thank you for your support of Team Malawi, Mangochi!



Kyleigh P.  – The Lord’s Boot Camp has taught me so much over the past week.  The Lord has taught me to rely on others and show teamwork.  This is such a great learning experience with the Lord and I can’t wait to learn more about the Lord.

Tommy E. – The past week has really taught me how important fellowship is.  We are dependent beings and living with 600 people who all connect through Christ has been showing me how much we need each other and God.  We are all brothers and sisters through Christ and I am excited to find more overseas.  

Anna E. – The Lord’s Boot Camp is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I have really leaned to rely on God for everyday strength.  He has taught me to persevere in everything.  I have loved growing closer to my team andI’m having an awesome time!


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