A Word From The Malawi Well-Drilling Team

Thank you for praying for our team we sure can tell we are loved and prayed for.  We are doing well on the Obstacle Course; in fact, we have won in getting the most over the Wall twice already.  We work together well.  We have gotten everyone over the Wall except Andrew and Matthew but we are determined to come up with a plan to get them over before Boot Camp is over.  We finished up with Drama training and the team works well and several of the team members are gifted in drama.  We start our training on learning how to operate the well drilling equipment on Monday.  We will also begin Advanced Evangelism.  Daily we are praying as a team that we will hit a clean water source for our team and also be a good witness of the Living Water of Jesus while in Malawi.  

When it comes to singing we do make a joyful noise, but we won’t win a competition.  The team is really looking forward to the Pizza and Milkshake offered at tonight’s meal.  The Peanuts and Mustard Seeds Commissioned last night and they were so precious.  It encouraged us so much to hear them sing.  We had a special drama team called “The Story of God” preform for us Friday night.  We loved it!  They took us through the entire Bile showing the God’s plan for a Savior.  

Cami, Andrew, Alex, Harrison, Olivia, Marela. Sarah, Lauren, Matthew, Eden, Joelle, Emma, Amanda, Claire, Coco, Jordan, Miss Keisha, Miss Abby and Mr and Mrs Maher are doing great.  We are all healthy and joyful.  

“  Boot Camp has been awesome!!! I have learned so much from drama, the Obstacle Course and from the Word of God.  We are really doing well and doing great work in this camp.  I am so glad I came.——Andrew

When I came to Boot Camp I was told that Boot Camp would be bad, terrible, no fun and all was running, running, running.  But I have been here for days, I fell in the mucky slough, I have served a special blessing from a leader and there are a million mosquitos.  But thanks to my fabulous leaders, I have looked at all the bright side of things and think things are not so bad.  Mr Bland does tell us that this is not a pamper camp.  I am learning so much about God and am grateful for this opportunity.—-Cami

Thank you for your prayers!  Parents, thank you for sharing these young people with us for the summer.  We are so blessed with wonderful young people who enjoy each other and are looking forward to all the God will do in us and trough us this summer.  


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  1. Her name is Mariela, not Marela

    You all are doing so well!!! Proud of you!!!!

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