The Arizona Team Welcomes Navajo Team Members

History has been made this week as we’ve seen many ‘firsts’ for the Teen Missions Native American Boot Camp.

 Saturday, June 25th, was arrival day for the Native American Boot Camp.  Although we only received seven guys and two girls at the first Boot Camp, we are all excited to be working with these Navajo teens.  The Navajo teens got settled into their tents….each one sharing a tent with one of our FTM’s.  

 Pastor Ty Potero, from Gallup, was our speaker on Saturday night and Tim Gon led the worship time.

 On Sunday, the combined team shared music, puppets, a drama skit, and testimonies at the church service held here on the property of Western Indian Ministries. It was a blessing to feel so welcomed into the congregation.  We hiked back up the hill where our campsite is located, had lunch, and then did an Obstacle Course orientation and walk-through with the entire team.  

 Today (Monday), the Navajo teens had the first official running of the new Obstacle Course. Jeremiah’s brother,Jonathan, was first up the Wall. Both groups joined together for Evangelism class and Steel-Tying class. The first timers had Servanthood and the 5 D’s of the Devil while the FTMs continued the work project. At the moment, all of the team is working on drama, puppets and music… then to SBs (Special Blessings Training) and free time.

 Thanks for all of your prayers. We are thankful for good health and the Lord’s protection this far.

 Here’s a word from some of the team members:

 Hello, my name Daniel R. and I want to talk about how coming here has been good for me spiritually and physically. We did the O.C. (Obstacle Course) today which was very fun. We started classes to help evangelize people, which I need because it is an area I am not too good with. But as it turned out, without knowing it, I helped someone today by saying a verse that I like. It is I Timothy 4:4 and it says, “For every creature of God is good and not be be refused, but received with thanksgiving”. I just hope i can reach out to other people’s hearts and tell them the “Good News”. In conclusion, I am having a good time here and I am glad I decided to come here. Thank you for all your prayers and you guys are in my heart and prayers as well.

 Love,  Daniel R.

 I’ve had an amazing time so far in Arizona. I feel like these last few days we’ve all really connected as a team. Getting to know the newer part of our team has been a fun experience and I’m excited to see what will be happening in the future.

 God Bless, Rachel D.

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