The Cameroon Team Is Loving Boot Camp!

Seven more days!

We are starting the final countdown. After practicing four new dramas, we have finished drama class and are now learning puppets. We continue to perfect our skills in block laying. Madeline has been given the title “queen of block laying” for her impressive skills. We have also had classes in steel tying, digging, concrete and carpentry. In music, Kelly and Luke C. have been teaching us new songs and our presentation is coming along really well.

The team continues to enjoy the Obstacle Course. Luke B. and JonMichael are usually in the lead. Our goal is to get everyone over the Wall and run the flags to the finish, but most days we get 9-11 over.

We did enjoy our time in the pool for winning Brainstorming. The topic was Teen Missions theme song and our team wrote a song using the 12 days of Christmas.

Today is Super Sunday beginning with a Galilean service out at the lake. We have a busy afternoon, with having to cover prayer closet from 11 to 5pm, Kelly and Caleb are going to make pizza from 2 to 5pm, and everyone else is participating in the Boot Camp Olympics from 1 to 3pm.

From the Team:

What is the one thing you brought to Boot Camp that you’re most thankful for?

Jazmine – Myself/personality because I learned to always be yourself no matter where you go. (And my bug spray)

JonMichael – My air mattress because I love being able to sleep easily at night.

Lucas – My fan…it keeps me COOL!

Madeline – My solar panel because it runs my fan and camera and it came from my favorite person.

Caleb – My cousin…he’s my cousin and he’s cool.

Anthony – Pants

Luke B. – Myself

Kelly – Bug spray because it has kept the bugs away. 98% deet!

Anna M. – My fan because it’s hot at night.

Judah – My waterproof pants because they don’t get wet.

Luke C. – My battery powered fan and bandanas. (OC, sweat absorber)

Anna Y. – My leaders, they took care of me and are really awesome.


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