New Zealand

 Want to cool off after Florida’s heat and humidity? Take a trip Down Under to the “Land of the Long White Cloud,” – New Zealand.

New Zealand


Dates: June 17 – August 4, 2017

Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel:  After completing your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the southern United States to Los Angeles. You will then jet across the Pacific Ocean, the Equator and the International Date Line, before arriving in Auckland, New Zealand. A five-hour bus ride south takes you to your project in Wanganui.

Ministry:  The project for this team will be to help with maintenance at Camp Raukawa. Many schools and clubs use these facilities for retreats and adventure camps. Repairs and painting are required for general upkeep and compliance to new government requirements. In addition to meeting young people at the camp, the team will visit local churches where you will fellowship with the friendly people of this British Commonwealth country.

Adventure: Enjoy the local fish n’ chips or a meat pie, and maybe sample a Maori hangi. Two of New Zealand’s active volcanoes are not too far away either, and with all the other amazing scenery around, you’ll want your camera close by. Take home a piece of pounamu—the NZ greenstone, or some paua jewelry, sheepskin boots or Maori carvings. The gratitude of the camp directors will warm your heart as you realize what a summer of service can mean in the middle of winter!

Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to Mission Trips List



  1. are there still spots open for girls?

    • C, Since we have already ticketed the teams, you will need to call the office and ask to speak to Paul. He will let you know where we can get more seats.

  2. Hello, I was looking at the trip to New Zealand and was wondering if there were any spots open. Thank you.

    • Caleb, New Zealand is still open. However, we are purchasing the airline tickets tomorrow, so 1/2 of the project expense is due upon registration. You would need to register tonight.

  3. When do we find out what specific tool we need to bring, along with the packing list?

  4. is there any spots left

  5. were dose the money go to

  6. hi, just wondering how many more spaces are available for this trip?

  7. Hello! Is there still room on this team? What teams are still open, it there a way to find that information out?

    • Erik, Yes, NZ is still open. The following teams are still available: Cambodia, Ecuador, South Korea English, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Community Development – Navajo Reservation, Ethiopia Orphanage, Indiana and Honduras.

  8. Do you think you’ll will have this trip and/ or the Japan trip next year?

  9. will they be sleeping in tents on this trip?

    • Micah, That information is still being finalized. You will be notified in the Individual Team Fact Sheet that will be mailed later in the spring.

  10. How many spots left?

  11. What is the exact drop off date for boot camp? Is it June 17th?

  12. Are there still spots open for girls?

  13. Hi there! I was thinking about going to this teen trip but I want to ask first if after I pay for the project expense and the registration fee is there still other fee’s that I will need to pay or is that it?

    • Mabel, You will still need to provide round-trip transportation to/from FL from your home along with food while traveling to/from FL, passport fees, visa fees (if applicable), departure taxes (usually $25 and you usually get that back), $30 deposits (usually get that back), and personal spending money.

  14. Hi. My son is interested in the New Zealand mission trip and my daughter is interested in one to Africa. You mentioned in another comment that some of the costs are covered. Are the fees that are listed in the description each participant’s own out of pocket expenses? Just trying to figure out an exact cost for both of my children to participate. Thank you!

    • Carla, We cannot give you an “exact” amount of participation. We can give you what the team costs, transportation to/from your project country, etc. Visa costs have not been determined, but not all teams require a visa. The departure tax is usually around $25, but most of the time, that is included in the costs of the ticket (and the team member will get that returned at the end of the summer if not used). Deposits are $30, unless on a motorcycle team and then it would be $130. Spending money, costs involved in getting a passport, round trip transportation to/from FL are not included. Perhaps you could call the office Jan.3 or later and ask to speak to the US/Canada teams Department.

  15. When will the videos of 2016’s summer going to be uploaded
    like the sloue,wall,and other OC videos?

  16. is this trip still open?

  17. Hi, I’m from South Africa just want to know if anyone can apply to these mission trips.

    Do you supply any financial aid as in South Africa what I would pay for the camp is 13 less than what I will be paying now

    • Malika, We run the same program in South Africa. However, they do not have a team to New Zealand. You can email our office and we will get you in touch with the South African base in order to possibly attend one of their teams. If you are interested in coming to the US, you would need to provide your own round-trip transportation, passport and visa fees, spending money, etc. We do not provide financial aid.

  18. What would you say to a concerned parent who thinks their daughter who is 13 is to young to go on the 13-19 mission trip to New Zealand? Is it very safe?

    • Nyah, Please know that God is in control. New Zealand is a safe country. We will never send your children to an unsafe area knowingly. We have switched teams, even at the last minute and have pulled teams out of the country they are in if we deem they could be in any danger.

  19. Hello! I am quite interested in the possibility of going on this trip! All I wanted to ask right now is: “When is the registration deadline?” and “How flexible is Teen Missions with military families, such as constant change in living location and, of course, airline availability, for the time of the family’s location?”
    Thank you!!

    • Emma, We have had many military children participate. You are responsible for your round-trip transportation to/from Florida, so if your living location changes, it would not be a problem. We cover your round trip transportation from FL to your project country and back to FL.

  20. Hey there! I’m super interested in this trip and I was wondering how many people are on a team for it and if there is a way to know how many spots have been filled. Thank you so much!

  21. Hi, I am ashton gehret i have been on a malawi preteen trip before and i am interested in going on this new zealand trip is there any way i could get more information regarding, location(north or south island), accommodations, and what we would be doing in new zealand. the reason i want to go on this trip is because my parents are considering sending me on an exchange student program to new zealand (my dad has done it before) so that i could get a sense of what the country is like. thank you

    • Ashton, We are still working out the final details and a more detailed description will be available in the next couple of weeks.

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