Only Five More Days For The Cuba Team!

Only 5 More Days!

The Cuba team is starting the second week of Boot Camp after a fun weekend.  Sunday began with the Galilean service where Mr. Vanderpool gave a sermon from a raft while the rest of Boot Camp listened from the shore.  This experience helped to give us a hint of what it may have been like to listen to Jesus teach to the multitudes.  After lunch, all teams competed in the Boot Camp Olympics.  Several competitive games were played, like Flush The Duck.  In this event, teams had to carry swamp water in small, tin cans two cans at a time in order to fill large, blue, rubber duck filled barrels.  Once the barrels were full, team mates had to spill the ducks out without using their hands!  It was a muddy, sloppy, wet game but so much fun!!  Another game involved team mates switching off every few seconds in order to finish a trough filled with Kool-Aid before other teams only using a straw.  (Everyone had their own straw of course!!)  We dined on pizza and strawberry milkshake for supper, which was a very welcome treat.  The day ended with an upbeat rally where we participated in the Wheelbarrow parade.  Our theme for our wheelbarrow was “The Cuban Gospel Crisis”.  It was decorated with old, tattered, empty ammunition boxes and some old scraps of metal and a painted cone put together to look like a rocket.  On the rocket, we wrote Romans 1:16 in Russian.  Although we didn’t win, we were proud of our clever design.:)  The team is doing great.  Today we even got everyone over the Wall on the OC!  Praise be to God as this team matures with every difficulty and hardship of Boot Camp.    

My team is very fun and encouraging. Boot Camp is humid and hot. But it is fun and I like it. The OC is a great way to work as a team. My leaders are very fun to be around. So far, I like Boot Camp. ~Samuel

I am having an awesome time. It has been a privilege as well as tons of fun to work, run, and pray along side this group of people. The energy and enthusiasm among all the team members has definitely made my Boot Camp experiences exciting and memorable. I am excited to see what God has in store for our group. ~Dylan

I have had the awesome opportunity to join my Cuba team here at Boot Camp last week. Everyone on the team is absolutely awesome!! The first few days, my team and I had just a little trouble adjusting to the early morning hours. But now we’re working well as a team and praising God for the quick connection that we were all able to make! On the obstacle course we were horrible, just to be honest. But God has strengthened all of our bodies that we are able to run and work together more effectively. In preparation for the mission trip to Cuba, our team is doing well, learning puppets, music, Bible classes, and cleaning. We are getting very well prepared for our service overseas. We have the best team leaders here at Boot Camp! So I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Myers, Mr. Peter Demos, and Miss Mindy Potter. They are all loving and willing to push us to our limits everyday. And above all else, I would like to thank the Lord for providing the finances for me to come here. ~ Tyler B.

Over the last week and a half, our team has gone through many different classes, like block laying and carpentry.  We have run the OC and gotten to know each other very well.  We have shared many laughs and I can’t wait to get to Cuba to help those in need together as a team. ~Emily

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  1. Praise the Lord for calling together a great group of students for the Cuba team! And thank you Cuba team leaders Michael, Michelle, Peter and Mindy. God bless all of you for a fruitful harvest.

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