Greetings From The Guatemala Team!

Weather is cooler today 86 degrees with some rain!

It’s been exciting to see how God is working in the lives of our teens.  Kids are responding to the messages and going to the alter for life changes.  Praise God!

Most mornings, we run the Obstacle Course. This consists of the Wall, the Slough, and many others! The Wall is twelve feet tall and the team members help lift one another over it. It is an awesome team building obstacle! The Slough is a pond which they have to run and swing over. There are many other obstacles, but the main point is how close the team is growing because of the Obstacle Course! For some kids, this has been fairly easy, for others not so much. 

Today the kids had to help each other over the Wall “Doubt”. Praise the Lord they were able to get kids over who didn’t think they could make it! One girl cried the whole way up, but then immediately felt the gratification when she made it over the obstacle. Through this the team is learning that they can do anything through Christ who strengthens them! They are also learning to support one another!

Today we get yummy BBQ chicken cooked over fire pit!!!! The kids also get to continue their training, and they are so excited with how close we are to finishing our training and flying off to Guatemala! 

Keep the prayers coming- We appreciate it!


“I finally got over the Wall!” Says she who is afraid of heights. Ironically, it was the wall called doubt! — Elena B.

“I’m learning to rely on God for my strength!” —Symantha S.


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