Greetings From The Honduras Team!

Summer Greetings from Boot Camp!

We are on the homestretch of training! New classes started on Saturday: Puppets, Advanced EV, and a variety of work classes in the AM such as Steel Tying, Concrete and Trusses. Recently, it has been dry. It has not rained since the first two days of Boot Camp, but it stormed all night into the morning last night and today. The roads and eating sites were kicking up dust so we praise the Lord for the abundant amount of rain received and for the blessing of cooler weather the storm brought. 

After rally each night, there is an alter call for those who would like to receive prayer and many of the team members have responded to the invitation. Coral, Grace B, Kyle, both Seth’s, Diana and Carissa have been obedient to the Spirit as He leads and directs their hearts and have been open about personal struggles. It is encouraging to see the Lord working in their lives in just the short time they have been here. You can tell that they are seeking for forgiveness and freedom. The team is continuing to unify which is such a blessing! I would say that everyone is getting along really well. We are like one big family! 

A few days ago the team was able to get 14 out of 17 people over the Wall which was such an accomplishment! They felt accomplished and enthusiastic. Because of all the rain last night and this morning, they tried to get the ones over the Wall who hadn’t gone over yet (Coral, Carissa and Daisy) but their feet kept slipping and they were unable to get over. Hopefully Friday, if the wall is dry, they will be able to make it! 

Friday is the last training day of Boot Camp! Saturday and Sunday we will pack out. We will be packing out our tent site, putting away the tents, packing our belongings for the field, packing the food and anything else we will be bringing to Honduras. Sunday night is the Commissioning Service for all of Boot Camp (even though we do not fly out until Tuesday morning). The time is quickly approaching! This is what we have been preparing for and it is paying off. 


Boot Camp has been interesting so far and its getting easier. It’s hot and theres a lot of classes and the food is pretty good. I’m learning more about God and about my Bible.—Seth S. 

It’s been a good experience and I feel it stretches and prepares you for the field. It’s been super busy and there is always something going on which is kind of nice. I’m learning that God really has a plan for us even though we may not feel like that.—Augustyna 

There is a lot of lizards here. They have good kool-aid every day but, I miss cold H2O. I’ve been surrendering things to God. I want this surrendering to not just be me but to carry on into daily life. —Gabe



  1. Michelle Palomares

    We are all praying for the Honduras team that God will provide endurance, unity and obedience to His Word.

  2. I pray that all goes well.

  3. I’m so grateful for these reports. They are so vital to help me as Dad (and the Mom, too!) appreciate the work God is doing in each member and in the team as a whole, and inform our prayers for you all!

  4. Thank you for your updates! We are continuing to pray for unity and the moving of the Spirit within the individuals on the team. We are grateful to hear what God has done already. To Him be the Glory! May these last days of Boot Camp be filled with His joy!

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