Japan English EV


Dates: June 17 – August 4, 2017Japan

Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Ministry: Use English as your evangelism tool as you hold conversational english classes with many young people wanting to improve their skills.

Estimated Project Expense: $4490—4690 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Note: Updated Project Expense is scheduled to post November 1, 2016, after confirming airline prices.


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to Mission Trips List



  1. Hey, so i just signed up for the team and i was wondering for anyone else that is also signed up , if you would like to start a group chat on instagram or facebook i could make a japan team instagram, let me know. I am a ftmer (former team member ) and last year some of the people on my team did this and we got talk to eachother before and pray for eachother , and it was a good way to already have some friends when you get there.

    • Hi! My daughter is signed up for this trip and would love that, I’m sure! She’s only on Instagram. @faithisfaithful is her handle. Thanks for suggesting that idea!
      How did you find others who were signed up for your trip last year?

      • I didn’t control it , it was a girl on my team. I made a team Instagram , the username is teenmissionsjapanteam2k17 , if her or anyone else wants to check it out

  2. Hello! I am very interested in this trip and also the trip to China. What do I need to do or what steps do I take for information about these trips and learn more about Teen Missions International? Thank You so much and I’m excited to see if the Lord is calling me to be apart of one of these trips!

    • Malia, Please go to our website and there will be a short description of each team. We are working on writing brochure copy and after that time, a more detailed description will be available. You may register online!

      • I thought this *was* the website…? Sorry, I’m confused! Could you post a link to what you’re referring to please? THANKS a bunch 🙂

        • Kim, What was your question? I am sorry – but I am answering a lot of questions and cannot find your original question except for the vaccine one (none are required for Japan).

  3. When will more information about the trip be available?

  4. Kimberly Moteberg

    My comment on the FAQ page was erased somehow. My daughter and I are praying about this trip to Japan and would like more info on the issue of vaccines. Would you be able to tell me whether or not Teen Missions Intl. has their own vaccine requirements? Here in the state of MN, we are allowed to and have chosen to personally exempt our children from any and all vaccines and, as such, we do not have a shot record to provide.
    I’m beginning to read into what vaccines, if any, are required for travel to Japan. If there are any, we are willing to cross that bridge. I want to be able to address this issue from all sides, not just the overseas travel. Thanks for any help you could give!

    • Kimberly, No vaccines are required by Japan or by us. We would need to know what you would want us to do in the case where your child might need a tetanus vaccine.

  5. Hi, I was just wondering if the leaders for this team have already been picked?

  6. My son is interested in this trip or the Korea trip. Do we just register or what steps do we take?

  7. I am also interested but will need more info.

  8. I am interested on going to Japan in summer 2017. Do you have any more information about this trip?

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