The Kilimanjaro Team Is Coming Into The Home Stretch

Coming into the “Home Stretch!”

We are now well past the halfway point of Boot Camp and looking forward to finishing strong.  The team won Brainstorming on Monday and so got to swim in the pool again yesterday.  They all had a fun time while sharing the pool with another team who won the pool for a different award.  There’s nothing like a good chlorine soak to make you feel “extra” clean here at Boot Camp!  

Everyone is getting into the flow, so now we have to be careful to stay focused.  We were “on the fence” last night for the Piggy Award, which means we had the second LOWEST score, just a few points away from wearing those dreaded Piggy signs!  Every morning we get a card telling us where we messed up, so at least we know what to work on.  

We had a refreshing rain last night, the first rain since the team members arrived, so we are looking forward to today being a bit cooler.  Unfortunately, that made the wall on the Obstacle Course a bit slippery; nevertheless, we got quite a few people over today, including the ones who haven’t been over yet.  Leader Aaron ran with the team today and went over the wall too.  Sadly, were disqualified for “passing the front flag”, so we will be serving a team SB today for it, but everyone has a great attitude about it and is happy to serve the Lord doing it!  

We have Prayer Closet today, so six team members get to climb the Prayer Tower and spend an hour each praying for the many bases TMI has around the world, as well as praying for all the team members here at Boot Camp.  Everyone is prayed for by name every day!!!!  Nearly all of them wanted to do it, but we only have six slots to fill.  Andrew, Ashley, Erin, Jake, Seth, and Nolan will get to do it.  We will run a Prayer Closet on the field every work day, praying for the TMI bases and ministries, and for our individual team members, and they will all take take turns then. This is a praying team!  

Every night after rally when we get to the tent site, we circle up for announcements and then have “Popcorn Prayer” where we just let everyone pray about whatever the Lord lays on their heart, in any order (instead of around the circle), and they can pray as many times as they want.  Then when the popcorn stops popping, a leader will close.  Not everyone prays every night, but everyone is praying and seems to feel comfortable praying aloud with their team. They spend more time giving thanks to the Lord for just about everything, rather than just asking for things.  Our prayer time is one of the sweetest times of our day! I think it is a big part of why they feel like more of a family than just a team – it really helps the sense of unity.  

Commissioning is rapidly approaching and we will soon begin switching gears to be ready for it.  We don’t leave for a couple of days afterward, so we will have extra time for packing out.  Hopefully, that will keep the stress level low.  Some are starting to think about getting to see family members at commissioning, and others are looking forward to moving into the dorms and then the hotel stay overnight in Washington DC.  And of course everyone is looking forward to serving inTanzania!

The most important thing I learned at Boot Camp was, in my opinion, is the ability of struggle and suffering to bring people together in friendship.  My team had KP on the first day, which was really stressful.  We all adjusted together and are already like a family. –Hannah Mankowsky

Boot Camp is ok and it is going smoothly.  It rained last night. Thankfully it hasn’t rained all week and Boot Camp is almost over. –Dean Bass

Through all the wet socks and clogged toilets, Boot Camp really teaches you about team work.  Not only with your teammates, but also with God.  I’m sure I’m not the only one on the team who prayed for a dry day.  Our team can’t wait for Commissioning, but Boot Camp also has it’s ups.  The leaders have taught us not to focus on the bad things, but to realize that somewhere there’s someone that has it worse than us.  We are blessed for each day. –Thomas Batchelor



  1. Can you share with me the details of Commissioning? Does family attend?

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