The Time Is Flying By For The PEI Team!

The time here at the Lord’s Boot Camp is flying by!

The PEI team is really doing well.  We are busy from the time we get up until we rest our heads at night.  The weather has been very hot and humid which is hard, but again we appreciate having dry clothes and the pool when we win it.  Last night we had rain all night, but we stayed dry.

The team is thriving in riding the bikes.  They are doing well following instructions as we learn.  They were so excited about finally getting to learn the drills we are doing and going on a long ride back to Prayer Island.  They have had their first drama class which most really enjoyed.  They did so well.  We are anxious to see how God uses them as we go out and share.

The Obstacle Course is going well.  They got everyone over the wall this morning!  They are so good at encouraging each other and working together.  We really appreciate their teachable spirits. 

Overall, the team is enjoying their time here.  They are looking forward to cooler weather in Canada, but we are making the most of our days here.  Continue to pray for each of them to be sensitive to what the Lord has to say to each of them.  Their is a little bit of homesickness going on, but we just keep going and encourage them.  Most of the time their is laughter and smiles.  They are each learning to rely on the Lord in both good and difficult times.

Here are a few testimonies about Boot Camp from the team:

Ellie Y.-  I learned about the Bible.  The slough water is terrible!  I also learned not to wear bug repellent, and that Boot Camp is fun.

Fran T- I’ve been learning how to encourage someone.  I have been able to read my Bible more.  I learned how to look for verses and write them  out.  I’ve also been learning how to sleep in hot weather.


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