A Report From Malawi Mangochi

Team Mangochi is counting down the days to completion of our training.

Thursday is our last day of training, Friday is the Missions Conference and then we start packing out.  We are praying for no rain for the next few days so laundry can dry and tents can be packed away.  

Early this morning we were blessed with rain and cooler weather for a few hours.  Being the first rain in about a week, we were excited for the different weather.  Biagio, our friendly armadillo, has brought his family to visit the tent site the last few nights.  He continues to stomp around sounding like a herd of elephants in the brush but now we know what to expect and although he wakes up several people, he is no longer the concern he was.

Team Mangochi continues to be the bridesmaid when it comes to the Clean Award.  We are motivated and trying our best to keep our areas spiffed up but we just can’t quite achieve first.  We have a few more days so we are still hopeful!  Thursday night we get to do Run From the Devil.  It’s lots of fun and the kids look forward to it.  They are attached to a bungie rope and run as far as they can to stick a velcro ball on the wall.  They will be competing against Team Australia to get the most points.  

This morning Everett K., Anna E., Erin G., Abigail S., & Andrew L., had a unique opportunity to help out in creating lunch… delicious BBQ chicken.  All were instrumental in the cooking process and all of Boot Camp enjoyed the outcome.  The team had a fun hour today with the Ecuador Preteens singing songs and doing some Bible skits.  The singing was led by many of the team members but Kyleigh P., and leader Bret P. were significant in leading the fun.  Kym R. had the idea to do the skits and the Pre-teens were eager to join the fun.

The team is also working hard on their memory verses.  They learn a new verse each day and will review on Sundays.  Ahston F.  has proven the most comical and uses funny accents… usually British… when he practices.  He reminds us all that learning the Word of God can be fun.  

Team Mangochi will be heading to the Orlando Airport on Sunday night after Commissioning.  We will hang out at the airport until we will fly out the next day around 4pm going to Washington DC.  The team will have lots of time to make a phone call home and enjoy an airport meal… and the air conditioning.  In WA DC, we will get to stay overnight at a hotel at the expense of the air line.  The kids will be thrilled to get a real shower and a nice soft bed.  

This will be our last report from Boot Camp.  We will send a short report letting you know when we arrive in Malawi.  It is expected that we will stay at the Chipoka TMI base for a day or so then travel down to Mangochi.

We ask that you keep us in your prayers daily for safety, team work and unity, and that the travel will pass quickly.  Thank you for entrusting your children to us.  We take our responsibilities seriously and look forward to the time we will spend in Malawi with the team, watching them grow in the Lord and learn to be His hands and feet.

Team Testimonies:

Kymberly R. – Everybody hates Boot Camp with all the spiders and snakes but even though it is hard, we not only learn many new tools but how to work as a team and trust God.  

Andrew L. – Boot Camp has some fun times but it’s really hard too.  It’s stretching me to trust and be patient in the Lord.  It has motivated me this far.


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  1. Darwood Santmier

    Awesome! Praying for you!

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