Greetings From The Australia Team

Greetings from Teen Missions International Headquarters in Merritt Island, Florida!

Boot Camp is coming to a close this Thursday. Team Australia kids are excited that the carpentry, block laying, truss building, steel tying, digging, music and puppet classes will be over. They have worked really hard to learn and improve their skills. Most of the team members are very good with their hands. It’ll be a big help once we reach the field.

The weather has still been hot overall. It has cooled a little, thankfully. Last night we enjoyed a thunder, lightning and rainstorm that shook our tents all night. Those that had clothes drying on the clotheslines between our tents got a second rinse cycle. The rain was a pleasant change, however, since it did cool us down. We are all so glad that we will be in the southern hemisphere where it’s winter for our service on the field.

Today the team enjoyed a BBQ chicken lunch. You should’ve seen these hungry teens devour it! Since no candy or treats are allowed at Boot Camp, we are all looking forward to enjoying treats and fast food at the airport on Sunday night following Commissioning! Don’t forget to keep watching the rallies online at at 7PM EST. Also today, we had a great speaker who discussed Internet morality. Several of our team members were challenged by his talk.

Our flight from Orlando to Houston is scheduled for Monday afternoon. After a fairly short layover in Houston, we’ll be on our way to Auckland, New Zealand. That is a 15-hour flight! Please pray for patience and health during that confined time. Also, please pray for rest. The team has been working really hard and needs a break.



  1. I would LOVE to see a video of Australia team going over the wall…please.

  2. Thanks for the reports! Love getting them! The hard part will be over soon! Love you!

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