The Last Boot Camp Report From The Forest Angels Team

When asked today how God helped them, or what God has taught them in Boot Camp, the Forest Angels replied…

Eli and Josh both replied- God helped me by helping me in organizing.

Organizing? Sleeping two to a tent, with all their gear- and having to have their day’s supplies ready in their backpacks…

Grace and Bode both were glad He helped them on the Slough.

Slough?   The dreaded Slough Of Despond on the Obstacle Course…many of the team members are so excited to be a bit drier than they were a week ago!!!!

God helped me with the OC. -Shane

The OC? the Obstacle Course. A daily adventure about 6:45 AM each morning to build teamwork, reliance upon God, and personal growth.

Cloe was helped by God in the fact that it rained!  

Rain? The dust was getting a bit thick and the heat a bit intense, so the settling of dust and  cooler temps this evening are encouraging.

I’ve learned that I can be special in any way good- Keaton

YES!!! God made us each special and unique and has a plan for each of us.

To try my best to love my sister- Ruth

To love my brothers and sisters- Esther

To love another- Jacob

YES! God loves us and we ought to love one another….

Dalton- God gave me the courage to come here. God gave me the funds to get here.

Nathan- God gave me the strength to be away from my family as long as I have.

Praise the Lord! And we’re glad you’re both here!

Haley K- God taught me to have more patience.

A good lesson for us all!

Chaz-When I first came here it was to ride motorbikes, but after about three days I realized I needed a closer relationship with God. And the Boot Camp part to get back in shape. My team leader helps with both.

Praise the Lord!!!!  That’s music to our heart! I’m so excited to see you diving into God’s word!

How God worked in my life was when He did a miracle in my life. He totally changed me and my life- Kayla

Amen! we are a new creation in Him!

Anica – He taught me to believe in Him.

YAY!  That’s what we’re learning in Romans 10:9-10.

It’s hard to believe Commissioning Day is upon us. Pray for these young lives as they seek God.


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