The Malawi Well-Drilling Team Is Doing Great

We enjoyed the TMI Team Olympics and Pizza and Milkshake on Sunday.  We had a beautiful breeze settle over the camp during our morning church service which was a neat blessing.  We served a team SB yesterday due to a DQ on the OC.  It was served with a happy heart.  This morning and yesterday morning we went to the Wall first in order to try to get our remaining two over, Matthew and Andrew.  We gave it a valiant effort but we were not able to get them over, the Wall was very slippery and in order to stay safe we switched gears and Andrew and Matthew continued their roles as our power lifters.  

We started our training on the well drill machine and it is noisy.  We did enjoy ourselves and are trusting God as a team that wee will hit a clean water source for the village in Malawi.  We started our Advanced EV Training this week also.  We are learning so much about how to share the Gospel to the people we are going to minister to.  We are really enjoying each other and laugh much!

We did get a new team member a transfer from another team, he is a welcome addition to the team!  His name is Drew and he is a gifted guitar player and even writes songs—we are excited.  

Came, Andrew, Harrison, Matthew, Alex, Olivia, Mariela, Sarah, Emma, Coco, Amanda, Claire, Jordan, Joelle, Eden, Drew, and Lauren are all  doing fine.  We have many “no see them” bites as they are really terrible this year.  Many of the team members have heat rash too.  All minor issues that we are treating.  

I have enjoyed Boot Camp my favorite thing would have to be the Obstacle Course.  We are getting to know each other and its been fun, and to my family, is the cat dirty?.——Harrison

I have loved Boot Camp.  It has been challenging but really fun.  So far I’ve been learning not to care about what others think of me and just focus on God.  I miss you and can’t wait to tell you all about my summer.—-Sarah

Thank you parents for sharing these young people with us this summer,  we love these teens!  We anticipate a wonderful summer!



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  1. Lauren Kooistra

    Lauren, so good to hear what’s happening. 2 more days til we see you, and we can’t wait. Praying for you every day. Love you and proud of you! Mom and dad and siblings!

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