The Poland Team Is Thriving!

Hey everyone!

 Team Poland is thriving in our last days of Boot Camp and the team’s spirits are high going into pack out weekend. Tomorrow completes our official training and the kids are so ready to go into the world with the new skills we’ve been learning. Today we started weighing our bags and are excited to say that we’re all under the limit. Over all, seeing them pull together as a team and helping out whenever and wherever they can is really wonderful and the comradery is inspiring.

We just started on our puppets and choreography a few days ago, and the kids have already learned three complete songs to share in Poland. William and Lucas both are more than excited to give their best for God in choreography, and they manage to make the rest of us smile and laugh as well. They’re going to be a huge hit with younger kids especially, as you can see the enthusiasm in what they do.

Today, we learned how to present the wordless “flipper-flapper”, a small book-like tool used to present the gospel to anyone we may meet. Hannah especially seemed to really have a knack for explaining the wordless book, and we even had to give her a little extra time to finish her description.

Unfortunately, this is going to our last report we’ll be able to get to you all before we arrive in Poland. We’ll be sure to keep in touch and keep y’all posted on what’s going on and, of course, are sending all of our love to everyone back home.

So long for now!

Love from Florida, 

Team Poland

“I heard people who went to Boot Camp complain about the multiple things and I was like, ‘Oh, I bet it is so bad.’ Over all, it was probably alright. I’m not going to lie; the bugs are ferocious. It literally looks like I have a disease because of all the mosquito bites. I really love the Obstacle Course and, of course, devotions. The OC really brings the team together. It’s just uncomfortable when you fall in the slough and walk in wet clothes fortherestoftheday. I feel like God shows me so many important things, that I may have skipped over. All Boot Camp, you don’t have to worry about making friends, because no one cares about your age. It’s really nice. All in all, Boot Camp is a good challenge.” –Virginia L.


  1. We have been trying to follow you guys as much as possible by watching the nightly rallies. Team Poland really looks and sounds like an awesome group. We know you are going to do awesome things in Poland. We are praying for you daily. Thank you for the updates…keep them coming.

    God Bless

    Donald and Memy

  2. Praying for you and the rest of your team Lucas!
    We love these reports!
    God bless you all richly and each person you meet!

    Love uncle Bill and Aunt Arlenr

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