A Report From The Cambodia Team

Greeting from steamy Florida!

We got rain last night which was a nice relief for all the dust and heat but today when the sun came out, it started to feel like a sauna around here. ¬†ūüôā ¬†¬†Our team is on KP today and for lunch we had barbecued chicken on the grill! ¬†What a treat! ¬†¬†We are learning to ride the motorcycles better every day with a few near misses‚Ķ. ¬†¬†We are learning to stick together when we ride and make sure we all keep up with the group. ¬†¬†We started puppet training and music class this week. ¬†¬†Our team is doing well at puppets ¬†but learning to sing together has been a bit more of a challenge but we improve every day. ¬†

Sunday, we had the Boot Camp Olympics.  It was a lot of fun competing in all the events.  Afterward, we got to swim in the pool for winning the Clean Award.  The pool felt so good after working hard in the Olympics.  Some of the events were wheel barrow races,  duffle bag races,  boot toss,  flush the duck and lots more.   Although we didn’t win any events, we had fun  competing together.

The team gets along really well together.   We are all enjoying getting to know each other more.   We are excited to start our journey to Cambodia and begin our summer ministry there.  Our team will not fly out until Tuesday after Commissioning.  Hopefully, we will get to see some Fourth of July fireworks on Monday.  

Be expecting calls from your kids on Tuesday from the airport.  They will be so excited to tell you all of their adventures.   

Thank you for all your prayers.  We definitely see the results of them.  Keep praying!  

From Rachel:

Boot Camp has been an amazing experience.  I have met so many new people who are so encouraging and kind.  The mornings are a challenge to be happy but all my team mates are an encouragement and help.  

From Celeste:

I have to say that Boot Camp has been on the hardest and best things I have done.  I am really excited about Cambodia and I know it will make all the mosquito bites worth it.


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