A Report From The Zambia Team

On Olympic Super Sunday, Zambia Eye and Medical took the “trophy” home for the Pig Trough relay.  David K.,  Eddy D., Ewing W., Jonah H., Micah W., and Ana S. drank one gallon of lemonade collectively thru personal straws the quickest.  Congratulations!!!  

Zambia E&M has gone thru some transitioning this week.  Awkward puppet  antics last week have become a coordinated and entertaining presentation.  Last Friday, we completed puppet training and pioneered into drama training, where large and exaggerated expression must become the norm.  As they learn to interact at this level, the story of God comes alive.  Jonah H., Eddy D., Ewing W., Ryan E., David K., and Micah W. take turns at playing the part of God.  A class in trusses yielded a knowledge of the names and uses of the speed and carpenter squares.  Courtney G., Maddie F., and Cassie T., tried their hand at finding the correct angle for respective angles for making specific roof pitches.

The Wall on the OC remains a challenge, but with the usual muscular assistance of Jonah H. and Eddy D. on top of the wall, we hoisted nine people over the wall on Tuesday.  However, yesterday the team was “honored” to help dismantle the Mustard Seed tent because of an error descending the Wall on the OC.  This is certainly a team effort!

Yesterday, we also enjoyed the anticipated delicacy of dining from our lady leader, Miss Eden, and other lady  leaders!  The potato soup was prepared over a fire.  Today, we were treated with stuffed rolls.  The results of Miss Eden’s expertise provided further proof that we will be well  cared for this summer!!!  She also has a soft heart and a soft shoulder for distressed team members.

Yesterday, we also received training on vision testing and fitting eye glasses.  The team then took turns practicing the art on each other.  We anticipate ministering God’s love to folks in Zambia.  

Today, Zambia E&M  had a  surprise Birthday Party for team member, Ana S.!  A few borrowed props made the event special.  The event took place in our eating site. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers!  We all feel the strain of Boot Camp.  We press  on toward the goal for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  Phil. 3:14  

Throughout this past week, our team has grown closer to each other and to God.  We have been learning ways to serve Zambia thru classes in drama, puppetry, carpentry, and evangelism.  One verse I read during devotions the other day has been especially encouraging:  Psalm 18:29b- With my God I can scale any wall.”  Whether it is the literal Wall on the Obstacle Course, or a different trial, we can do anything with God’s help.  Christina M.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I wanted to give up from falling in the Slough every day and from the humidity,  and of course missing my family.  However, God has taught so much more, that it conquers all of the times where I wanted to give up.  God has given me strength.  With God’s love and strength, I’ve been able to fly over the Slough.  Praise God even when I feel like giving up!  A verse I’ve been dwelling on is “continue to work out your salvation for it’s God working in you to will and to get in order to fulfill His good pleasure.  Madalyn F.


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