An Update From The Nepal Team

Hello again parents, family and friends,

We are on the downhill side of Boot Camp and our team is excited!!!  Honestly, we as leaders couldn’t have asked for a better mix of kids to lead.  We have already grown to love them and appreciate their individual personalities.  

They were treated to the pool again for WINNING Miss Piggy!  Yeah, we are really proud of them for being self-controlled and conscientious in their neatness and cleanliness.  It does take a lot of self-control because there are so many things to check behind yourself on.  

Sunday was a wonderful day…we started the morning with a service at the lake.  It was going to be a scorcher. Our team was prepared to fight the blazing sun with palm fronds, as soon as everyone was assembled and the music started ~ the clouds rolled in and a strong breeze cooled us ~ it lasted the entire service.  As soon as it was over the sun came out again.  It was so obvious that the Lord provided and blessed us all!   

We had an exciting Obstacle Course Monday morning, one of those mornings the team and leaders were dragging and having to pull from the Lord’s strength to do what had to be done.  Mr. Beaver gave the team an encouraging talk…would you believe we got 19 over the wall!  Huge accomplishment!  We won the OC that night and the team was so pumped with enthusiasm!  This OC is teaching your teen so much about themselves and making them considers others.  

As of right now we have one more full day of training (Thursday) and then Missions Conference and …..PACK OUT days!  So I would like to ask you to be praying for our Nepal team concerning a few things ~

  Pack Out, it can be very exhausting.  It will be challenging to those who have never done it before.     Pray for wisdom and clear, decisive thinking for the Leaders and team members that are willing to do whatever needs to be done for the team.  We all need to strive for Christ-like attitudes.  

  Rallies, the Lord is working in these Teens hearts and minds.  Each night our speakers have touched on a different subject.  Many are listening to the Holy Spirit and coming to the altar in obedience.  We trust the Lord is doing His work here and now and preparing them for our trip to Nepal.  Pray that He accomplishes all that He has planned for them.  

  Weather, please pray for dry weather Sunday while we take down tents.  This is a big deal, we have so much to do and wet tents…well I’ll just leave it at that.

Here are some words from some of your Teens  ~

Jesse B. ~ Hey there Folks, Boot Camp hasn’t been too bad.  Bugs are bountiful, sweat is abundant.  But besides that everything is just dandy.  Our whole team is really coming together and the food is actually pretty good.  Thanks for all the letters and emails.  Hearing my name when it’s distributed is a beautiful thing.  Tell Cocoa I miss her and if you have time you can tell everyone else as well.  

McKenzie B.  ~ Boot Camp is going great!  We had milkshakes and pizza Sunday, it was so delicious.  Our team has some really funny people and we all get along great.  I can’t wait to go to Nepal and share the gospel.  I love and miss you guys.  

Daniel C.  ~ I am having a great time at Boot Camp and the classes are fun and helpful.  My favorite part is the obstacle course, it helps our team come together.  Meal time is also great, the food is good.

Samantha B.  ~ The weather for the Boot Camp Olympics has been wonderful.  There’s been enough wind to keep everyone from getting too hot.  The team has really been doing well.  We’ve gotten to a point where we can all get along, have fun and do what we came here to do.  We are all really excited to get to Nepal and use some of the skills we’ve learned here at BC such as block-laying, digging, puppets and music.  The Lord has really blessed us this year.


  1. We have been trying to follow you guys as much as possible by watching the nightly rallies. Team Nepal really looks and sounds like an awesome group. Sounds like you are ready to do God’s work in Nepal; we know He has big plans for you. Praying for you daily. Thank you for the updates…keep them coming.

    God Bless

    Donald and Memy

  2. Congratulations! Love hearing your encouraging reports and how the Lord is working. The McKay’s (Paige’s fam) are praying for the whole teams’ unity and safety as you do His work in Nepal. We love you Paige! Keep up the hard work of trusting the Lord through everything.
    The McKays

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