TrinidadMake the beautiful island of Trinidad, located just off the coast of South America, your destination for the summer! 


Preteen Missions Trip (ages 10-13)

Dates June 20 – July 28, 2017

Travel:  After completing training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight south, across the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sea, to the Piarco International Airport located in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad. A thirty-minute bus ride takes you from the airport to your project site.

Ministry:  Your main project will be to complete a security wall on one side of the church property at Triumphant Revival Centre. Your Boot Camp puppet and music training will be put to good use during a week-long Vacation Bible School at the center. The children will win your heart as you interact with them and teach them about the love of Jesus.

Adventure:  The white sands and clear, turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea await your discovery and you will love the variety of souvenirs that are available such as baskets, straw hats, wood carvings, paintings and T-shirts to remind you of your amazing summer in Trinidad. You will not want to leave the wonderful people of Trinidad. Their diversity, hospitality, and desire for serving God is difficult to match.

Project Expense: $2490 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to Mission Trips List



  1. Are there any spots left in any of the pre-teen teams?
    Do you kids coming from Canada on any pre-teen teams?

    • Kristina, Both Malawi and Trinidad are very close to being full. Honduras and Forest Angels are still open. Yes, we have Canadians coming!

      • Thanks Beth. With the recent border crossing issues (and some Canadian volunteers from a church being turned away at the border when driving), has TMI contacted Border Patrol to determine if there would be any problems? Or is a letter issued stating the nature of the visit (to volunteer)? Do you know if the Canadian pre-teens are flying there (and thus crossing the border) alone? We’re honestly worried about border issues!

        • Kristina, You would need to contact the Canada office to find out what documentation they send with the team members. The other Canadian on a PT team is from AB.

      • Is this full now?

        • Minnie, We have already ticketed all of the teams. Please call the office and ask to speak with Paul and he will let you know if we can get another seat.

  2. If I went where would I sleep and what to eat

    • Aliza, Your housing will be listed in your Individual Team Fact Sheet which will be mailed out later in the spring. You will eat mostly “American” food, but we want you to be able to tray the national food also.

  3. Can parents go with kids? Or visit them?

    • Joanna, Yes, parents may go as leaders, but they will have to raise support also. We ask that parents visit no more than three times in order to facilitate their adjustment, but we will never deny parents admission.

  4. Hello,
    What if you are coming from the Caribbean, what would the cost be? Would it be adjusted?

    • Shandel, We cannot adjust the cost because you would still need to be in the US for Boot Camp and Debrief. You would be responsible for your round-trip transportation to the US in addition to your project expense. You would also be responsible for any visa fees.

    Feel free to join the parent group once your child is registered for the team! This can be very helpful as we get closer to the summer and questions arise about packing etc

  6. We have a parent page set up on Facebook. We have found this to be especially helpful for new TMI families to be able to ask parents of former team members questions about packing, fundraising etc. Feel free to join if your child is registered for the team!

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