Another Report From The Trinidad Team

The weeks have flown by, and we are now at the end of Boot Camp about to head to the field!

The last few days of Boot Camp went smoothly, and I would like to share a few highlights:

1) The team has been building a wall (laying blocks with mortar) each day during training. On the last day, they made it to the 5th level of the wall and set the record compared to all of the teams laying block! We are so proud of their hard work and feel very prepared to begin working on the wall in Trinidad.

2) Evening rally and devotion time has been extremely beneficial and all of the team members are showing growth and opening up! Most nights after rally we have a team meeting in the tent site to discuss the evening rally message, highlights (or lowlights) of the day, and any prayers or things God has placed on our hearts. This has been an amazing time of growth and sharing as a team, and we are looking forward to building on this growth as we move onto the field. The Lord is faithful and has very specifically answered our prayers for team growth and openness!

3) The last day of running the Obstacle Course was Thursday. Since it was our last run, all three leaders ran with the team. The team was able to get ALL 19 people over the wall and finished with an entire minute to spare! We won the OC that day, and finished on a high note! Everyone is excited for Commissioning, travel, and TRINIDAD! Please continue to pray for safety, safe travels, and that the Lord would continue to open hearts and minds! 

I have loved Boot Camp, and God has been teaching me so much! We leave for Trinidad soon, and I am really excited! –Sophia J.

I’m really glad that Boot Camp is almost over, but I’m super excited to head off to the field. God has been working on me and the rest of my team. I’m also excited to share about my trip to ya’ll after I get home!  –Kathleen F. 


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