China Has Finished Boot Camp Training

We are excited to say we are done with Boot Camp training!  Today the China team finished up their final day of Boot Camp training.  The team spent the day finishing up their musical and puppet presentations, having a final lesson in Advanced Evangelism and enjoying the pool!  Yep, you read it right.  The team won the pool again this week and spirits were high.  On Wednesday evening the team won the Brainstorming with their idea of a youth group fundraiser called “Sunday Undies.”  The team purposed doing a underwear collection event for local homeless .  It was exciting to have the entire team in the pool together, including two of our leader’s kids.  

Tomorrow we begin our Missions Conference and then we start packing up to leave on Commissioning night for the airport, our flight departs on Monday morning at 6:45am.  The team is already sifting through their belongings trying to decide what will come with us to China and what will be left behind in Florida.  It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has passed for many of the team members, it feels like just yesterday everyone was arriving.  We have been blessed by some amazing weather during this Boot Camp, it has rarely rained until yesterday.  We are praying that the rain will stay away throughout the weekend as we pack up our campsite and belongings.  

We covet all your prayers as we prepare to head to China.  The team continues to grow closer together and we are praying even now that our lifestyle and conversation will be a testimony to the young people in China that we meet.

Here are some insights from our team members:

“‘SO YOU ASKED ABOUT BOOT CAMP?’  I would never send anyone here if they weren’t called to the missions field.  However, this would be an eye-opening punishment!  God started pounding on my heart to venture across the world when I went on my second year of SOAR (a youth conference in Texas), but found out that I didn’t meet the age requirement.  Then I found Teen Missions!  At the Winter Jam in Tennessee, Ryan Fast was the man who was saying ‘Hello,’ to people at the Teen Missions booth…so you can pretty much understand my decision to go, since the age requirement is 13!  Why China?  Because I know I have a calling to work with children – Nepal was my first choice – as I play & guide the kids that attend my church.  Boot Camp has been a sweaty, stressful mess, but serving long hours in classes will pay off as I head out to face the world as a missionary.  Maybe God is waiting for you to answer His call?” – Joy E.

“When I first came to Boot Camp, I felt anxious.  But the past two weeks have been an experience I will probably never forget…the mosquitos, the heat and humidity.  I have learned to work better as a team and do my laundry in a bucket – although, it comes out dirtier than before.  I’m looking forward to teaching kids in China.” – Andrew F.



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