India Team: From The Pool To…

From the pool to cleaning the bathrooms—that sums up our last two days.

The Day before yesterday, the team won the Godliness Award again and were able to swim in the pool yesterday. Last night, they were awarded the dreaded Piggy Award and will be cleaning the bathrooms during their free time today. They are slowly learning to check their surroundings for anything left behind, especially water bottles and rain ponchos which count 10 points off each. They need to carry this over as we travel so that no one leaves behind cameras, backpacks, etc.

Today is the last day of training at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Tomorrow morning will be the last time they will run the Obstacle Course. For some, they are ecstatic. For others, they will miss it. Tomorrow also begins our Missions Conference. Saturday, the team will be taking down the Boot Camp office and begin packing out. Sunday, we will finish packing out and we are all looking forward to the Commissioning Service on Sunday night.

We we be going to the Orlando Airport sometime in the middle of the night Sunday/Monday and will be there until our flight leaves at 8:05 PM. Don’t worry—the team will enjoy the AC, flushing toilets, running water in the sinks and fast food.

We are then flying to Frankfurt for a short layover before continuing to Delhi. We then take another short flight to Vijayawada. We have a lot of traveling ahead of us and we would appreciate prayers for our health and safety as we fly.

We are also looking forward to seeing the parents that will be able to make it to the Commissioning Service.

Our next report will be during our travels if we have wifi access.

Maddie B. – Boot Camp is lit. Our team has grown really close. We all have a lot of fun, especially in music class when we all get pumped to “Our God Is An Awesome God”.

Phoebe P. – Boot Camp is actually pretty fun! I fell in the Slough once, but other than that, the Obstacle Course is great. Bucket showers have become my new best friend.

Madison P. – Boot Camp seems to be coming to a close which means even more adventures. I’ve made friends, been challenged and have gotten closer to God. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds.

Hannah – I just wanted to inform all of my loved ones that I am alive and doing amazing! God has already begun working in my life and the lives of my team members. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how God is going to change my life! Love you all and miss you as well.

Sarah W. – I love Boot Camp and I am so glad I am here for a second time. I still absolutely love rally and the worship is great. I can’t wait for India…four more days!

Max S. – Boot Camp is good. We have a really big team.

Samuel C. – Today we had a great day. We woke up, ran the OC, had breakfast and then we had personal devotions, some classes, free time, bath/laundry time, more classes, dinner and then rally followed by bed time. We have a great team and I really like puppet class…Drop the mike.

Chloe P. – Boot Camp has been going by quickly. I have learned so much. Sometimes it’s hard, but I remember that everything they are teach us is in preparation for the field. I am looking forward to Commissioning.


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  1. Yay!! So happy you made it through Boot Camp and are currently hanging out in a comfy airport 🙂 Morgan…don’t be a Piggy!!

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