A Last Boot Camp Report From The N. Ireland Team

Well, we are a week and a half through Boot Camp!

We had a super relaxing and super fun weekend! We had a movie night on Saturday where we watched “Mud, Sweat, and Cheers”. Then, we had our Super Sunday with pizza and milkshakes, we watched the Peanuts and Mustard Seeds do their Debrief and we had our Olympics! Our team won the Flush The Duck challenge thanks to our awesome teamwork! Our two former team members and I helped make the pizza and later we all cleaned the bathrooms because we got piggy šŸ™

The team has been improving so much on the ObstacleĀ Course. Yesterday, we got 14 people over the Wall! Thats a huge improvement compared to only five.Ā 

We’ve all been engaging more with each other on our testimonies and where we stand in our faith. This group has been such a blessing! I cannot express it enough how much I love working with them.

The Lord has blessed us with rain this morning! It was a nice break from the heat.

Tomorrow is officially our last day of Boot Camp and then we will prepare for the bustle of pack out! Wish us luck and you will be hearing from us soon!

“So, the best part of Boot Camp has to be the Obstacle Course. The whole team is very nice and we get along perfectly. So far the team has learned about evangelism, puppets, music, drama…and we have mastered them all and now we are waiting to use them on the field.” –Hayden M.

“Boot CampĀ is very hard but looking back I am so thankful for it. I’ve been able to get close to some great people. My favorite class is advanced evangelism and puppets.” –Jennifer T.


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