News From The Forest Angels Team

Greetings from hot and sunny Florida!

As I type this update, your children are preparing a drama presentation for their evangelism ministry. It involves music and scarves to tell the Gospel story.

Lots of adjusting and readjusting to life as a Forest Angel has been happening on our team. For many, this is their first time for them to really learn to be independent and self reliant. Much direction and prayer has taken place on their behalf by their team leaders, and reliance upon the Lord for their needs is being instilled.  

Last night Josh, who was relying on his fan to cool him, had his batteries die.  He was not looking forward to a night without his fan. So we prayed for a cool breeze to help us rest deeply. Well, the Lord did not send a cool breeze, but instead dropped the humidity- which cooled us in a way we hadn’t thought to pray.  Faith to move mountains….

So what all have the Forest Angels been doing? Lots of training in their evangelism ministry.  Puppets, balloon art, drama, and singing top the list.

And of course, the OC.

Bode has seen the Lord give him the  strength of an eagle (Isaiah) and hinds feet (Psalms) on the Obstacle Course. He prayed that God would help him get across the Slough of Despond without falling in- the answer? Strength and hind’s feet to keep up with those older than him, and contentment to know God is helping  him, even if he does fall in the Slough. 

Shane and Keaten have been growing in their leadership by graciously helping to encourage the younger boys and by cheerfully being helpful with much needed man-power.

Kayla has a new tent mate. Ani was desiring a tent mate with whom she was familiar, and Kayla graciously welcomed her as a tent mate (they were Peanuts together in the past). Haley Kay was gracious to move out and fly solo in her own tent. 

Chaz and Josh have become quite competative on the OC, battling it out to bring our team home.

Ruth was first in line on the mini bikes (yes, that’s right, we started mini bike training today), and bravely overcame her fears and finished her course well.

Nathan has a lot of fun making friends with his fellow team mates, and has quite the sly sense of humor.

Jacob is so faithful in being prepared for his devotional time, and faithful in letter writing. It’s a real treat to those back home who will be hearing   from him!

While usually reluctant to run the OC, Chloe is quite the spitfire in getting the job done, and finishes in fine colors!

Dalton is ever-ready and really seemed to have fun at our Olympic games yesterday afternoon.

Eli and Gracie are becoming quite self reliant and reliable. It’s fun seeing them (and others) being prepared for the day by having their gear packed and ready each night for the next day. The incentive of mini bike time is spurring many of the Forest Angels to become responsible in their daily lives.

Esther is always faithfully prepped and ready for each event. I wonder if there is anything that catches her by surprise?  Thanks to the insight of her brothers’ Teen Missions experiences, those who are wise are going to her for advice….

Excitement builds, as we approach Commissioning night….until next time…



  1. Renee Gutierrez

    How awesome to see God working on these little ones. Proud of Chaz for showing a good hustle too! Love you son!!

  2. Good job Chloe! We miss you lots Give it your all

  3. Good job Chloe!! We miss you lots. Give it your all!!!

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