A Report From The Ecuador PT Team

The Ecuador Preteens are beginning to work together, whether it’s on the Obstacle Course or in their classes or with a tent mate at the tent site. We have won the Clean Award two more times since the last time we wrote and the “Pig” award once. Cleaning the leader bathroom, while not fun, is a necessary job and the team got it done quickly. The team also enjoys the Obstacle Course, especially yesterday when we got all 14 of the kids over the Wall and did not DQ on any of the other obstacles. We have had construction classes this week such as blocklaying, where they got three rows of blocks laid, and painting—most of the paint got on the boxes, not the kids! Tomorrow, on the last day of Boot Camp, we have carpentry and digging & concrete.

It has been a dry Boot Camp until late last night when God provided a thunder and lightning show and a light rain through the night. While it made getting up in the morning a bit more interesting, it was good to settle the dust and cool down a bit.

And now a word from some of our team members—

What I learned at Boot Camp was that you always need to have teamwork and you always have to be fast.   Piper

Throughout Boot Camp I have had MANY hardships and at some points I wanted to go home, but God helped me through and I have learned many valuable lessons mainly that people have harder lives than here at Boot Camp. That is how I can stay positive.   Isaac

My favorite obstacle on the OC is the Slough. I think that is fun to swing on a rope over water, even if you can get wet.  Jared 



  1. Giovanna Khanoyan

    Thank you!!!! Yes this is the first report we got from the Ecuador preteen team! Is another one we should we looking for?
    Ranya’s mom

  2. Thanks for the update. Just a question, in the 2nd sentence, you mention …since that last time we wrote. Was that posted? None of the parents saw it. Thanks and keep up the good work with our kids.
    Mom of Jadyn

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