Greetings from Tse Bonito, New Mexico!

The Arizona team has been busy this week. We’ve been starting with the Obstacle Course…. Both the FTMs and Native American youth are running together to build teamwork and unity. We’ve taught Boot Camp classes including the 5 Ds of the Devil, Maturity, Servanthood, Personal Evangelism and much more. We’ve done work classes including Carpentry, Steel tying, Digging and Block laying. In the afternoons the team works on music, drama and puppets. The FTMs have been able to begin some of the work projects here at WIM (Western Indian Ministries) when the others are in classes they’ve already taken before. Today is cool and mostly cloudy with some rain. A nice change from the hot sunny days of late. Two nights ago we experienced a wind storm during our evening rally/service. Our guess is about 50mph sustained winds for over an hour. The big white tent held firm praise the Lord as did our camping tents. We managed to focus on the message that night and many of our teens came forward after the speaker in spite of all the distractions. God is working among us and some youth have accepted Christ as their Savior this week, others have dealt with the things that have held them back from serving the Lord 100 percent. It’s been fun to see the Navajo youth growing and learning. One of the guys, Cody, saw some of his friends serving a Special Blessing and asked if he could join them. I told him, “No” since he still needed to catch up on his memory verses 🙂 I’m glad they all love to work. We are grateful for the help in the kitchen from Tim and Jeremiah’s moms, Ms Laura and Ms Melanie. Jeremiah’s grandparents have also helped, Pastor Mike and Ms Rose. Thanks so much for all of the help. We also want to thank Pastor Andy Gibbons from Gallop and Vernan Cody from Flagstaff who’ve visited as guest speakers in the evening.

Thanks for all of your prayers. The Lord has blessed us!

Here’s a word from some of the team members:

Miranda M. — I believe I’ve matured spiritually since I’ve begun Teen Missions here. I crave DSCN2153God’s word now and I’m very excited to go out and evangelize. To jump out of my comfort zone would be great. The people who know me know that I’m a very shy person. I’ve made many new friends here and I already feel like I have a second family. In Proverbs 2:1-5, I receive my encouragement to keep seeking God. Since I’ve been here I’ve been happy. I know God is working in my life & is going to use me and all the others in a mighty way. I’m glad I didn’t chicken out like I usually do.

David R. DSCN2622— My time here at Teen Missions ha been life-changing for my relationship with God. I have been learning new things about God and the Bible… New things that are making me think about how great and powerful God’s words are. In John 1:11 it says, “He came to his own and his own did not receive him”. This verse just motivates me to become one of his own that DOES receive him.


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