India is checked in and sitting at the gate!

After an exciting Commissioning service, the India team was the last to leave the Big Top tent. We quickly made our way to the pole barn where we had left our luggage. Pizzas, ice-cold drinks and ice-cream cake awaited us (thank you to Genny Calkins and those who contributed). The team then opened their goodie boxes and wondered where they were going to put everything.

After a short wait, our bus arrived and we traveled 45 minutes to the Orlando Airport. After unloading and moving everything upstairs, we got settled in. A family rented three guest rooms at the Hyatt and we took three hour shifts to go up, sleep in a luxurious bed and take LONG hot showers. It was such a blessing – thank you Peiffers!

We spent the long day walking around in our shopping groups, eating way too much, sleeping and laughing. Everyone was able to call home and I am sure the parents appreciated that! At 4 pm, we started checking in and the airline expressed their gratitude at the discipline and organization of the team. We were able to check in and get through security in less than 30 minutes – quite the feat for an afternoon at the Orlando Airport.

We are now sitting at the gate and are waiting for a couple hours till we board. Again, eating, talking and laughing.

Thank you for your prayers! Please pray for health and safety I in our travels and that there will be opportunities too share the love of Jesus with others. EVERYONE is in good spirits and we are ready to go where God has called us to go this summer!




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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear EVERYONE is in good spirits. 🙂

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