Cameroon is on its way!

Finally our time here has come to an end, we are ready to get away from the heat and the bugs. We had a great Commissioning service and quite a few parents were able to come and bless us with lots of goodies. 

Monday we spent the day packing our duffels, made a trip to the laundromat, Wal-Mart and down to Cocoa Village to see the fireworks.

Tuesday morning we were able to tie up our bags and load the bus and are now on our way to the airport.

Everyone is excited to get to Cameroon.

From the Team:

What are you most looking forward to when we get to Cameroon?

Jazmine – Making the children laugh, and being able to share God’s Word with the kids (and for the food).

JonMichael – The people to talk to, and the cooler temperatures.

Lucas – Less bad stuff (humidity, bugs, etc.) and playing with the African kids.

Madeline – Less humidity, but seriously I can’t wait to get to know the people and teach them God’s love.

Caleb – Playing and speaking with the kids.

Anthony – Happy faces on the people’s faces.

Luke B. – Doing soccer and helping teaching other people, and to see the difference.

Kelly – I am looking forward to helping at the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units and show them that there is a Lord and Savior who they can always look to for love and patience.

Anna M. – Playing with the kids.

Judah – Being with the children in Africa.

Luke C. – Cooler temps, seeing God’s work in and through us as we share the Gospel with kids who have never heard.

Anna Y. – The children, and the soccer camps, and growing my faith.

Mikhaela – I am looking forward to sharing Jesus love through music and soccer to the orphanages in Cameroon.


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