Greetings from Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland!

Greetings from Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland! Our flight arrived almost an hour earlier than scheduled this morning. We’re praising the Lord for great flights. The team got to catch up on some much needed rest on our overnight flight and were thrilled to wake up in Belfast! Immigration and customs went very well, every one here seems to be good-humored and friendly!

Our missionary, Steven, greeted us at the airport and drove us to the mission we are staying at about a half hour away. The Mission has been so hospitable from the moment we stepped foot inside! They served us breakfast and now the team is getting situated in their rooms, catching up on some rest, and just enjoying Northern Ireland! We have an appointment at 4 this afternoon to meet the Mayor of Newtonabbey and have our picture taken with him. Later this evening one of the members of the Mission will be coming to speak to us about child safety – a requirement for anyone who will be working with children, which just so happens to be our project! 

Thank your for your prayers…we are praying for you all as well! Please continue to pray that the team will not be too jet-lagged and be rested up for the full week ahead of us! 

With love, 
The Northern Ireland Team

10 N Ireland



  1. jrebeccaputnam

    Way to go, Northern Ireland! Continue letting His light shine in and through you everywhere you go. –Omah

  2. Praying for you all! I was the Assistant Lead for NI last year and I absolutely loved it!!! The people are so amazing and the country is very hospitable. Steven is a great man and I know he will take good care of you all!!!

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