We are Nepal and we are leaving ya’ll

Hello Parents, Family and Friends!

As our team cheer was for last night’s commissioning service… “we are Nepal and we are leaving ya’ll” ! And we are! Here we sit in the boarding section, minutes away from boarding our plane to Qatar. We are so proud of this team, they have trained well and it is showing. We spent a long, fun and tiring day in the Miami Airport (you should have seen us trying to sleep-only the lucky ones slept any)! We accomplished all the packing and moving of the duffle bags and no one has lost their back-pack or carry-on. Our count off is finally paying off as we move through the airport, get passports, go through security and handle boarding passes. They are all getting along and encouraging one another. We have prayed together as a team and committed this flight to our Lord’s hands, God our Father…Creator of this beautiful earth…we have thanked Him for this privilege and opportunity to GO this summer! We trust and have confidence that you are also lifting this team and the work before us up in prayer as. Now, let’s get some sleep on this flight…zzz’s please! Our next report will be when we arrive at Mendies Haven (in the next 48 hours, we will have to adjust to the time zone change). And to put your minds at ease, no one is sick and all are eating well. Which reminds me…THANK YOU PARENTS and ALL who brought food, drink and snacks for our team!!! We were overwhelmed and truly blessed with all the provisions, the kids have not had to buy anything , we were able to utilize all the perishables and pack the rest in our duffle bags for the Nepal. You have shown your love and care for us in a tangible way

Here are a few messages from some of the team…

We all survived packout! After a long day of packing and packing and packing again, we have made it to Miami Int’l Airport! It feels amazing to be in AC for the first time in two long weeks. Bootcamp was hard, but we’ve made it all the way through! The night in the airport was FRIGID, and we all enjoyed it. Now, we sit and await our flight to Doha, Qatar. This has been an amazing experience so far, and I am thrilled to continue on my journey, growing in my walk with God.  Arianne Ensworth

Boot camp was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Besides all the bucket baths and the mosquitoes boot camp was pretty fun. The OC is really fun even though the slough got the best of me most days. I finally figured it out on the last 2 days. Also the speakers are amazing and every day I feel like I’m getting closer to God. I am very excited about how this trip is going to turn out and that I hope that I can fulfill God’s will at the best of my ability!  Jacob Starmer

We just completed our final step towards boarding the plane to Doha, Qatar with no troubles and are all very eagerly awaiting the coming trip! We are all tired but thankful for our training in boot camp because it let us succeed first with the bus trip, and then check in, security, and finally the journey to our gate. No one is dozing off now as we are only a half hour from boarding and the start of this life changing mission trip! I know that God will do amazing things this summer in my spiritual life and the lives as my team mates!  Erin Barr

We will continue to get reports from different team members so you should hear from yours. And will start putting pictures up, too!

Blessings to you all,

Michelle Yoder



  1. Cassandra Ensworth

    Thank you so much for the Update!

  2. Donald and Memy Hillman

    Love reading these reports. The Nepal team is always in our thoughts and prayers

    God Bless
    Donald and Memy

  3. Really Proud of these Teens, especially Dayana, wishing them sleep on the plane and the start of many wonderful. Memories, gramma

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