Arizona Team Digging into Project

Continuing a string of ‘firsts’ last week, the Native American youth commissioned on Saturday evening with all members lighting their candles. Nine native american teens made the choice to take the gospel light to the lost across the vast Navajo Nation territory. Our native american leaders, Tim Gon, Jeremiah Yonnie, and Kyan Yazzie lit the first candles. 

On Sunday, our newly minted team of 15 team members was given the service at Sanders Bible Church about an hour away. The native american youth took the lead with Miranda and Nathan giving testimonies. The team sang, ‘Fill up my Cup’, Cannons, and ‘Be thou my Vision’. Owen began the hymn with a flute solo. It sounded wonderful! Jeremiah gave the sermon and talked about the relationship between the apostle Paul and Timothy. He challenged the native american churches to encourage and disciple the next generation of leaders.  After the service, the church provided a barbecue lunch for the team which we thoroughly enjoyed!

On Monday, we worked on our projects for Western Indian Ministeries (WIM). The radio station needed over 60 cinder blocks moved up the mountain from the transmitter station to the base of a ladder leading up to the tower. The team formed a chain up the rocky slope and moved the blocks in stages up the mountain. Once all the blocks were at the top, we discovered a previous team had deposited over 40 more blocks nearby so we moved them to the base of the ladder also. The view from there overlooking Window Rock was spectacular. The team also continued renovations on a volleyball court that was buried in mud after years of runoff. The poles have been reset and the court is looking ready for its first games in a long time! Part of the team also continued work on the main road leading to the ‘hilltop’ while others worked with Jeremiah to restore the front porch of our kitchen building.

Our first outreaches are planned for Wednesday and Thursday in Gallup and Fort Defiance at the ‘Just Move It’ 5k races. The team will setup a booth and share music, drama, puppets, balloon puppets, and give aways including ice water, gospel bracelets and coins. We’d appreciate your prayers for quality conversations and anointing as the team members share Christ.

A word from the team members:

Abby Holtrop (Native American) — HI, we have been at camp for a little over a week.  We have learned so many new things such as block laying, steel tying and how to properly use a shovel for digging and leveling.  We just finished Boot Camp and also completed our evangelism training.  We have been trained in dramas, puppets and skits. Tomorrow (Wed) we will go out to put our training into action.  God has taught me a lot since being here…mostly patience.  I was being really impatient with God and in our morning devotions He showed me I Peter 5:6 which says, “Humble yourselves therefore under God’s might hand that He may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”  Thank you for praying for us!  P. S.  Hi Mom!!!

Jack Viren (FTM) —Hi, Jack here wanting to tell you a little bit about what God has been doing here on the Navajo Reservation.  I, along with the other FTM’s, had the privilege of witnessing the Navajo Nation Day of Prayer.  Attendees included most of the Christian religious leader of the Rez and also both the President and Vice-president of the Navajo Nation who are very strong believers.  On the first few days of our arrival, it was evident that God has been preparing something big for the Reservation for quite some time.  Now, as a full team of 6 FTM’s and 9 Native American teens, we are eager to see how God is planning on using us in advancing His Kingdom here.  P. S.  If my family or friends are reading, I hope that all things are going well and would appreciate a letter or two if you feel so lead.  

Ryan Phillips  (Native American)— HI, my name is Ryan. The first thing I did when I arrived was set up my tent.  I have done carpentry and I have also learned not to be afraid of spreading the Gospel.  One of our projects has been to level a volleyball court.  Boot Camp has not been like I expected it would be.  We have to wake up early in the morning for breakfast and then we have devotions before we begin our day.  

Elizabeth Roaseau  (FTM)— Yesterday we moved well over 60 cinder blocks up this really steep hill (mountain).  I must say it was probably the most thrilling and difficult maneuvering I have ever done.  Throughout the entire job God kept us safe and secure.  Through the extensive teamwork we formed a chain up the side of the mountain.  We passed the blocks up one by one.  While we were doing this job some of the team members began saying verses and encouraging statements.  Through this job I learned that we really “can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us”.  Even though it was tough and slightly nerve wracking considering our position on the hill, God was watching over us all.  Miss you all at home, Mom and Dad!

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