Ecuador Teen Settling In

Following an early morning bus ride to Orlando, flight to Panama, and
another flight to Quito, the Ecuador team has arrived! Our bus was not
there to meet us so the team gathered for prayer and after a few phone
calls we found out that it was on the way.

We had a great nights sleep and hot showers at a hostel in Quito and
will soon be leaving  for the equator. We took a short walk to find
some items for breakfast this  morning when we noticed beautiful ice
capped mountain peaks. What a great way to start the day!

Looking forward to a wonderful summer with these kids. I will send
pictures soon, as the internet is very slow here. The weather is cool and beautiful.

18 Ecuador




  1. We parents sure appreciate every word from you guys, especially given the “no postal system” cultural piece lol! It’s AWESOME to hear about you guys… thank you so much!!!

  2. Christy Beynon

    We are SOOOOOO happy for ANY updates! Even short ones!! Please know we are holding all of you up in prayer!!

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