Forest Angels Flying? Read on…

Flying? Yes, flying.  No, not in an airplane like most other Teen Missions teams, but flying toward our mission. 

Due to Commissioning and transitioning to our Project, an update was missed so let me catch you up a bit on what the Forest Angels team has been doing. 

Flying through the last days of Boot Camp…

Since our last update, we finished out Boot Camp with a Missions Conference on Friday, packing up our tent site and gear on Saturday, and transitioning to our Dorms and preparing for Commissioning service on Sunday.  

Afternoon storms delayed our packing and tear down, but by bedtime tonight, everyone should have their gear neatly stowed in our dorms. 

Flying onto our next phase of our Project…

AC! AC! AC! was the chant heard when the Forest Angels found out their dorms had air conditioning. 

All teammates were happy to wash all their clothes in a washer and dryer on Monday and Tuesday. Bucket washing takes a bit of time, and those afternoon showers hinder the drying process.  I don’t believe fresh clean clothes were as appreciated as they were after this last week of heat, humidity, and rain. 

Another much anticipated event to take place is showers with running water. There are some teammates who are looking more forward to showers than swimming! Ah, the appreciation of those things we often take for granted!

Flying onto our Project assignments…

Monday, our first official Project day, was a hot, sweaty work day, tearing down one of the Big Tops- yes! Never underestimate what a team of Preteens can do. They had some practice assisting on takedown of another Big Top (minus the sides) on Saturday, and Monday they did it themselves. They also spent part of the day refolding tents and tarps that got caught in yet another afternoon storm. Do we hear a theme? Work fast, and get your completed job undercover before the afternoon storms hit!!!!

Flying onto evangelism practice…

Tuesday, we spent the day practicing the evangelism pieces of our Project. Among other things, we spent time singing, practicing street evangelism, and puppets. Excitement is generating as team members are seeing the bigger picture. We are a work/evangelism team, with mini bikes one of the modes of outreach, and at times it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

Flying onto cooking for ourselves…

Today is our last day to be blessed by meals from the TMI cooks—THANK YOU COOKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!! Some of the favorite meals were goulash, egg “mc”muffins, pancakes, and corndogs (served the last meal of regular boot camp as that meal is a finger food meal).  Starting tomorrow at breakfast we will be on our own for cooking and serving our meals. On site (at TMI) we have use of a kitchen, pavilion, and 3-season porch area to congregate. 

Flying onto mini-bikes….

Finally, to quote some of our team, we are on the mini bikes for some good, intensive training. Most were shaky and unsure of themselves last week when we introduced the bikes, but after some thorough instruction yesterday, many laps around cones today, ALL members were able to complete at least one trail ride today!!!!!! Groups of 5-6 went out with one leader, while another leader listened to their memory verses, and yet another leader gave individual instruction to our most timid riders. Our 2 most timid riders received individualized trail rides and came through with flying colors! And most team members have completed at least the first 5 verses required of them by today!

Flying into the pond…

Flying into the pond? Yes! As I type this update, the team members are enjoying our carousel. Essentially it is a spinning rope swing which swings you out into the pond and you let go while out in the deep water. Team members love this event and are happy to cool off after yet another hot, humid Florida day. 



  1. When do they actually go to Ocala?

  2. Such wonderful works being done in Jesus name by our young saints, God bless them all, and hello to Nathan Edwards, our young Freedom Fellowship evangelist. God bless you all.

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