Indiana has arrived and is preparing for evangelism

We’re in the Lord’s army, Yes Sir!

Monday morning we began our long and arduous journey up to Indiana with an eight hour pit stop in Georgia to allow us drivers to get some rest to ensure safe driving. We stayed at an old friends house on Lake Lanier, it was a beautiful house and lake, we did our devotions on the lake the next morning and we all wished out loud that we could stay there for the summer. Using boats to evangelize along the six hundred and ninety-two miles of shoreline where over seven and a half million people visit per year. (Maybe a possible location for a boat evangelism team? Hint hint Mr. Bland 🙂 ) 

After doing our devotions and eating ham and eggs we set out to finish the drive to Triple T ministries. It took another seven hours to get here but we got here at seven-thirty Tuesday evening. We then proceeded to unpack and meet the people of Triple T. 

The team slept good last night. We were all pretty exhausted from the long road trip and we are glad to be at our final destination. The team is in the middle of practicing how to evangelize at the fairs that we will be going to Monday through Friday starting this upcoming Monday.  The team has been bonding well with the group of young men and women from a church up in Illinois who will be teaming up with us as we go to the multiple fairs.

Anthony, Nata, Caleb J, Caleb H, and Cory were happy find that Triple T (TTT) has an indoor basket ball court (Half a court) and they played for about an hour after dinner last night with a few of their newly made friends. Anthony was hoping that volleyball would be a popular sport and was a little disappointed that it isn’t too popular here.  

Grayden and Satta have been busy socializing with the new group of people and has been doing a good job of making people feel welcomed. 

Anthony and Tonekup are on kitchen duty today and they have both been doing a great job.

“We have arrived in Indiana and we are beginning more training for the fair evangelism we will be starting next week. I am learning more and more about how important it is to share the Gospel. We are continuing to bond, but we have had to do it again as we are joining up with another team with the same purpose; to share the Gospel. Oh there is a railroad track just outside the building, lots of trains go by. Toot! Toot!” -Caleb H.

“We just arrived at Triple T. We had a long drive from Florida, we had lots of snacks. I am socializing with a group of people from a nearby church in Illinois. And our team is having fun with the group here.” Grayden G.

We are looking forward to more adventurous days ahead! 

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