Uganda preparing for foot washing ministry

We bless the Lord for His grace and mercy upon us for enabling us to travel safely to Uganda. Everyone was very tried  but we praise God for the great favor He has given to us; none of our bags got lost. Everyone is healthy and ready to begin work tomorrow morning getting the shoes ready for Saturday travel to the Koboko Base for the first project site.  The BMW students and staffs were very excited to welcome us. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Hi Sequoia and Team!

    I know God is opening many doors through the shoes. The Lord says you will have many tribulations but I have overcome he world. You are all overcomers by your great FAITH! Keep running the race that the Lord has set for you to the finish line. He is so very pleased with each and everyone of you!

    Texas Premier Rally was fun! Brittney really enjoyed herself and so did I.

    Mark is still doing well PTL!

    You all are loved and covered with the blood of Jesus.

    You are missed Sequoia!
    Mom loves you very much!
    Sarah Wilcox

  2. Hi Team Uganda!
    Glad you all made it safely as I knew you would. I can’t wait to hear about the continued favor that God has for each and everyone of you. May you be a beacon of his light to all you come across and give hope where hope is needed. May angels encamp around you and protect you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

    Sequoias mom writing with Love.

  3. My household is praying for you! My daughter is 7 and was a peanut this year. Last year, as a mustard seed, she learned about this team and knew instantly she would be a part of it one day. This year she looked for you. Even though she doesn’t know you individually you are inspiring her. I’m so thankful that each of you is there this summer. God bless!

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