Hello, from Poland!

We have arrived safely and are well on our way to settling in. Yesterday we had the chance to go around and visit several churches in the nearby area and do a little exploring in the town we’re staying in, Jawor. One really neat part of our tour also included a chance for us to visit a gingerbread museum, learn some neat facts, and make our own gingerbread! 
Today we were able to get started on one of our work projects. Several kids helped to tear down a brick wall and carry away the debris from the work site. Katie J was our expert with the chisel, knocking out the wall quickly and efficiently. 
Looking ahead, tomorrow we are headed off by train to Germany, as we have the chance to partake in serving at our host missionary’s wedding! The kids have spent the second half of the day preparing to head out bright and early tomorrow morning. As we are traveling, unfortunately our next report won’t be in until later in the day on Monday.

“Poland is great! This trip has been amazing, with an ‘in-tents’ first two weeks of boot camp, our journey to Europe, and great acommodations waiting for us here in Poland. Boot camp really helped me to realize how blessed I actually was compared to those living in some of the countries TMI has reached out to, and showed me the importance of spreading those blessings everywhere I can. The trip to Poand, by bus and plane, was chaotic and stressful at times, but was overall worth it! I’m so very thankful for everything that has been done to get us out here, and anticipate seeing the Lord work in the country!”
-Lucas B

“Wow! So much traveling! We arrived in Prague and carted our duffel bags to a European bus. We rode the bus abut five hours, enjoying the view, and talking.
On our arrival, we met our hosts and learned that this weekend we will be riding a bus to Germany for our hosts wedding! We are all settling in to our two rooms and thankfully we have bunk beds with mattresses! 
Today we are all going to tour Jawor, the city in which we’re  staying, and hopefully do a little shopping.
The point is, we are doing fine and the showed are provided. God has given us so much and helped arrive in Jawor, Poland, safely.”
-Cassie S

“Poland is like home to me. The weather is just like Colorado; cool in the morning, the warms up. We have showers and bunk beds, which is amazing! The houses are old and beautiful. We had a ‘traditional Polish dinner’ yesterday, and it was really good. Polish food seems to be more light that American food, but I’ve only had a little. Overall, Poland is wonderful and I’m so glad we are here! Praise God we could come and it is so nice!”
-Kassi E


  1. So happy to read that the team has arrived safely and is doing great. Praying that God continues to move in your lives and does great things while you are there. Kaitlyn James we are missing you here but are excited to hear about your adventure and how God moved in your life this Summer. Enjoy your time this weekend as you travel to Germany! God’s blessings and we love you!

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