India has arrived safely

The India team arrived in Vijayawada on Wednesday morning. Needless to say, we were sick of airplanes!

We loaded up the truck with all of our luggage and the vehicles with all of us. All of us were presented a bouquet of flowers.

When we arrived at the orphanage, the orphans greeted us. We got everything unloaded and settled into our rooms. A load of bricks arrived so we spent some time moving them.

Needless to say, we were all exhausted, but most managed to stay awake for the day. After supper we played “duck duck goose” with the orphans which, was a lot of fun! We had a great time at evening devotions which were led by Maddie B. Following devotions, we eagerly went to bed.

It is hot here, but we do have fans in our dorm rooms. The electricity does go on and off. 

We began this morning with work, then breakfast followed by morning devotions. We will then go back to work until lunch. After lunch will be free time and classes and then a couple more hours of work before supper,

We are in a very safe area according to the missionary. There are many Christians and churches in Vijayawada.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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  1. Praying daily for all of you.

  2. Have a great time! This time in India will be the hardest you’ll ever experience but it’ll also be one of the bests of your life!

    India 8843

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