Team Mangochi is enjoying our time at the TMI Chipoka base

Team Mangochi is enjoying our time here at the TMI Chipoka base.  We have had time to rest and catch up on laundry while we wait for the Well Drilling Team to arrive. Today we got to visit Lake Malawi which is right out the back door.  The team had a blast playing with a few staff kids, collecting shells and enjoyed the cool breeze and scenery.  The cool, non-humid weather here is a relief after the heat and humidity of Boot Camp.  This afternoon the team visited “Cambodia,” the farm that the Chipoka base has here to raise animals.  They were excited to see baby pigs.  Kym R., did a fantastic job as the first team member on KP.  Everybody will take turns and get to help cook and wash dishes.  

Upon our arrival here at Chipoka, we were excited to find that we get to stay in the dorms with real mattresses and bed sheets.  They had the mosquito nets all set up for us and even that was a new experience for all.  We found they also double as spider nets.  Spiders are quite common here and thankfully the staff and BMW students had cleaned out our dorm rooms several times in order to get rid of them all.  The few that were left were disposed of by Mr. Bret and Mr. Josiah.  We were grateful!  This afternoon the team got to visit the puppies that are about 7 weeks old.  They were born here at Chipoka and are part of the local “family.”

The team has the opportunity to “shower” in shower stalls but finds the water refreshing and cool.  Thankfully everybody is up to the challenge and doing their part to keep clean… and use deodorant.

The head lady leaders from both the Mangochi team and the Well Drilling team will be going back to Lilongwe to do our bulk shopping for the field.  Meanwhile, the team will be relaxing again Friday and will get to visit “Melissa,” the local AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit.  The team members are excited to meet and play with the kids.  They will see first hand how God is using TMI to reach these little ones for His name’s sake.  We will also get to visit “Heart of Faith” Rescue Unit while we are down in Mangochi.

On Saturday, bright and early, we will be heading down to Mangochi.  We are excited to get our project started and to see what we can accomplish.  Everybody is doing well and in good health.  There is one with a sore throat but we are praying it will go away quickly.  Overall, from what we see and hear, Malawi is a very peaceful country and we enjoy seeing a different culture and the colorful ways they do things differently.

We will send a report letting you know when we arrive safely in Mangochi.  Please continue to pray for the team… for unity, friendships, desire to work hard, safety, and that God would continue to work in our lives and teach us new things.  

Web Testimonies:
Katie J. – These past 2 weeks have been possibly the hardest two weeks of my life.  God has shown me how powerful prayer can be during this time.  There were many moments when I felt weak or hated the  weather but God got me through it all when I sat down to pray.  I feel that my faith has been made stronger through these past 2 weeks and I am excited to see the journey that lays ahead in Malawi.

Anna E. – After 3 long days, we are finally in Malawi!!  The weather is super great here.  Today, we explored the Chipoka base, which was really cool.  Luckily, we’re not too jet lagged.  I’m super excited for the next few weeks here!  God continues to teach me to rely on Him for everything we need.  I think this trip will be amazing!

Kym R. – It’s been a long time since we got to Boot Camp and now 2 weeks later we are finally on our way to Malawi to share the Gospel.  I’m glad we get to go.

Katie M. – I have to say that nothing could ever compare to the experience of Boot Camp.  It’s been rough and challenging but also amazing and life-changing. In the last two weeks, I’ve felt myself change in many ways.  I see my rough edges slowly being chipped away revealing a new person that God is making me into.  I can’t wait to see the changes in me after the rest of this trip.  One thing’s for sure, I’ll never be the same.

M Team by lake



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  2. Tommy's Grandma and Papa

    The Lord Bless you and keep all of you safe.
    May His face shine upon you and may you all bring honor and glory to His name.

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