Greetings from beautiful Guatemala!

Greetings from beautiful Guatemala!!! We are so thankful to finally be here! We arrived Tuesday afternoon and have been settling in since. We just want to thank everyone who has been praying for us and continues to do so. Overall we had a safe travel here, though there were a few hiccups. When we arrived in the Guatemala City airport, we came to find out that no one was there to pick us up, because they were expecting us the next day! So we had to find a way to get the team members and all the baggage outside of the airport safely, since we could not stay inside for long. The kids handled this situation with such grace and flexibility! They also handled having to move 37 fifty pound duffles around 10 times! We as a leadership were so proud of them. After contacting our missionary here, they quickly got to the airport to pick us up with a bus. After loading up the bus and getting on the bus would not start, and we waited for about a half hour for it to start up. Thankfully the Lord heard our prayers and the bus started and we were off! 
As we were traveling through the city we could see the tall, rigid mountains in the background, as well as the volcano. It is breathtaking here! The weather is a nice change from crazy hot and humid Florida!!! During the day it gets up to about 75 and sunny and during the evenings it’s breezy and 66! Today it’s a bit cloudy and looks like it might rain, which would be nice to cool it off this afternoon. 
Today is the first day the kids are on the work project and they all left this morning excited to work! The team members are enjoying staying at the orphanage and getting to interact with the orphans in the mornings and evenings! It’s so fun hearing them play and laugh together.  
Last night we had the opportunity to visit a local church. The people were very welcoming, and we all had such a good time. We were singing praise and worship songs in Spanish and also English, and it was amazing to hear all the voices come together in praising our Father!
Our goal as a team is to make the most of our time here, we want to do as much work for Nuevo Reto as possible and more importantly the Lord! We want to impact the people of Guatemala and see them come to know the Lord.  God is going to do great things this summer, and we look forward to seeing the outcomes. 
We’re sad we had to leave one of our team members in Florida due to an illness in which the doctors recommended she not come, please keep her in your prayers! We are definitely missing her!  image1We also want to thank all the parents that came for commissioning and helped provide pizza and drinks for the team, among many other things! We appreciate it so much! 



  1. Nick Abke,
    Been praying for you and the team every day. Praying that God will lead you in what He may have you share with the kids in the orphanage.
    Blessings, Jim Bettinger

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