Howdy mates from team Australia!

Howdy mates from team Australia! This is Evan from down under! Sorry I really couldn’t resist that one. I will get right into it. We are progressing speedily. Trenches and logs and more trenches and painting and even more trenches. The kids are overjoyed at their sleeping accommodations seeing how they are staying inside a building/dorm room where we get to sleep on mattresses. The guys in one facility and the girls in another.

The weather has been very different from Florida. It has been dry and will change suddenly. To explain, at 6:30 we wake up. It is in the 40’s. We work for an hour and then eat breakfast. By the time breakfast is over it is in the 50’s. As our day progresses doing Bible marking class and then free/laundry time is it in the 60’s. At 1:00 we begin the majority of our work it is in the 70’s. Then by 2:30 it has been getting up to the 80’s. But suddenly at 3:00 it begins to go back down. So we will be sweating a little less when we finish work at 5:00. Yay.

After work we can accomplish writing out our testimonies, cleaning up our living place, and eating dinner at 6:30. Keeping them busy and having fun that is what we do best.

A little about me (Evan, one of the leaders). I am 23 live in the Sunshine state of Florida and work as maintenance guy at my church. Enough about me. 

Peter S is really enjoying work. His eyes get big and happy when we got to break up concrete today.

James is great at technical stuff. Give him specific instructions and he gets it done.

Jude is Jude. He takes order like none other and is a machine. Very focused.

Evan Jonathon because he is known by both, is learning what means to work as a teammate. Overcoming obstacles that are in his way.

Peter B I think is enjoying the hot showers the most. As opposed to lake water.

Josh is showing me some martial arts moves. I wouldn’t mess with him.

Erika is just always happy. I mean I think she had one bad day a week ago and I don’t think she complained once through all that! She is ball of joy.

Kaleb I hate to say this. Is smarter than me! I tell him something to do and then he politely, says why that will not work and gives a detailed reason why and then gives a course of action that makes more sense!

I will write Sam and Tristen together. They are buddies and I am pleased that they have each other. Despite me having to keep my eyes on them every once in a while, they are good. Tristen is adjusting well though at first it was slow and Sam is as as busy as ever.

Kalie is keeping well up with the boys and is in love with the Kangaroos that run wild through our property. Also is loving her peanut butter.

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