The Indiana team is doing well

The Indiana team is doing extremely well, not without a few bumps here and there but as a whole we are all doing well. Our schedule has been pretty open for the past couple days as we don’t start the fair evangelism until Monday. We have been doing our best to fill the spare time with different events and activities. 

Tonekup and Caleb J. told me the other day that they actually missed Boot Camp because of the full schedule. Anthony R-D. told one of our leaders that he understood what Boot Camp was for now because he was able to see that it helped them be disciplined and taught us to work together as a team. 

We went to Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home yesterday and got to take a tour of Lincolns life, we also watched a fifteen minute documentary narrated by Leonard Nimoy (Spock). When we started to head out to see the cabin the weather forced us to take cover in the bus and come back to Triple T, some of the team were saying they thought it rained worse here than in Florida.

Because we were rained out and were unable to see the Lincoln boyhood home we ended up going to a Dream car Museum where they had several million dollars worth of cars. The team we thoroughly impressed. Nate got to see his dream car and I now have a dream car: a 1956 Corvette! Wow what a car!

We are all excited to go and share at the fairs, we are also eagerly anticipating to get some deep fried PB&J/H. Today is the last day of fair share training and they team is studying hard in order to be able to share effectively at the fairs.

Tomorrow we will be presenting a drama and a few songs for the Saturday night rally. We are excited to finally be able to put all of our training to good use. The team is especially good at the Battleground drama. 

Well the next time you read our report you will be reading about the team’s experience at the fairs! 

“The past two days I’ve enjoyed sleeping in a bed. We went to the Lincoln Memorial center and a car museum. The best time has been God’s time and sleeping. Mealtime is nice and also our devotional time. We have had time to perfect our presentation and are prepping for the fairs. Amen” -Tonekup 

“The past few days have been excellent. We have had great chapel times in growing closer to the Lord. God has bound our team together in awesome ways. Our classes have been great and I am excited for the fairs. It was great to see the classic and modern day cars at the car museum.”

-Caleb J.


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