Tanzania team settles in

          We made it!  We finally arrived at the BMW in Tanzania Africa and everything here is so beautiful.  The Mountain?  Beautiful!  The Weather? Beautiful!  The Birds? Beautiful!  Even the dirt is beautiful!  (And being a man from Arkansas, I’ve learned to appreciate dirt that isn’t 90% rock).  Travel went as smoothly as possible.  On Wednesday we stayed in a hotel in Washington DC. where they have things like warm showers and soft beds, not to mention that one of the team member’s parents bought pizza for the whole team. More importantly, we got all of our luggage from all the various airports.

    The team is really excited to be here, they’ve been saying how much more they like it than Boot Camp.  Our first day here has been all about organizing and getting to know the local staff and Mr. Saba, our head leader, here in Tanzania.  So far all we have done is made an eating site under some trees but from what I hear there’s a lot to do this summer.  To list a few, we will be painting the front of the BMW building, doing some finishing work on the outside walls themselves and digging a trench for a septic system.  Then on the last week we will set off for the foothills of the mountain to hike to the villages around there.
     It really is nice being right where God wants you to be right when he wants you to be there, you get this sense of peace that has no substitute.  And since I’ve been here, in the shadow of this mountain, I’ve been reminded of when Jesus tells his disciples that with faith as a mustard seed you can move mountains.  Well, while we may not have what it takes to move Mt. Kilimanjaro (yet),  I do believe God has given us what it takes to change the lives of those who live around this mountain and all those who we come in contact with.


          I still can’t believe we have made it to Africa!  I am so excited to see what God teaches me this summer.  On the way to the base we rode on an open air bus, it was so much fun.  Later that night we were singing some of our songs down by a road which drew a small audience.  Some children came and watched us for a while, we were all smiling and laughing together.  Mt. Kilimanjaro is so beautiful and I’m just now starting to see the stars come out on our first night here.  We really have an amazing God and he’s going to do great things.      Ashley S.  7/8/16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

          Today we arrived in Tanzania!  There is so much joy in my heart right now just in knowing I’m doing God’s Will by being here.  I’ve already gotten to sing to a few children who were passing by the base.  Their faces brightened up and so did mine.  I can’t wait to see what this summer holds for us.  Andrew G.   7/8/16

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  1. Our hearts are full!! Sooo happy you all arrived safely, without apparent difficulty. Reading the excitement in your report adds to my excitement for you all, and I’m sure it will transcend the language barrier, just as easily as, your smiles and laughter will. Blessings & hugs to you all! From Martha Bass, Dean Bass’ family member (Miss Martha), Deland, FL USA

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