We are settled in Trinidad…

We are settled in Trinidad and absolutely could not feel more welcomed! The church family here has been so gracious and welcoming to us! When we arrived late on Monday night (Independence Day), they had prepared a meal of hamburgers and fries for the whole team to welcome us and celebrate July 4th. Since arriving, the team has gotten settled in and has been hard at work digging a trench around the property in order to lay foundation for the security wall they are building. They will soon be laying the foundation and pillars, and then work from there. It has been a joy to work alongside the Trinis and fellowship with them each night. Tonight we will be attending their weekly Thursday evening service, and everyone is looking forward to the experience!  


Boot camp was a great preparation for Trinidad. I am really enjoying it here. The work outside is hard but fulfilling and is coming along quite nicely. -Ben C. 

We are in Trinidad working on trenches and the wall foundation and getting lots of help from the Trinis. They are all very kind and generous. I enjoy it here because they are all friendly and making sure we are having a good time. -Enoch C.


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