Cuba doing presentations

We have been asked to do several presentations since our arrival.  On Friday, we took a short train ride to a nearby house church.  Our team by themselves filled the 10 x 10 church building, so service was held outside. We sang and shared testimonies with chickens and dogs running across our feet!  We were warmly welcomed by the congregation with MANY kisses.:)  After service, we hiked about 3 miles back. Yesterday we hiked about an hour to the beach for a baptismal service where a river meets the ocean.  Afterwards,  we doned our swimsuits and water shoes and dove in.  The water was so refreshing after our hilly hike!  Of course it did not help cool us off on our return journey.  We enjoyed a lunch of sandwiches, mango, limeaid, and cake provided by our hosts on the rocky beach, too.  Today we did a presentation here at church.  It was exciting to worship with our Cuban friends.    The children loved the puppets which made our Boot Camp training so worth while.  Right now we are studying our 40 memory verses and later today we will take the team to a local shopping stand for them to buy those goodies that all teenagers love.  With regards to our work project, we are still digging the foundation.  Digging has been slow going because we are digging on top of an old building that we are basically excavating.  There are also numerous sewer lines throughout our worksite and I am sure I do not need to explain what happens when one of those gets hit!   We are healthy and happy and definitely figuring out our new normal. Yober and Lisandra, our host missionaries, are such glowing examples of Christs love.  They are constantly going above and beyond to help us. We are deeply inspired and encouraged by their kindnesses.  

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