It’s been a great week in Northern Ireland!

It’s been a great week in Northern Ireland! The weather has been rainy and fairly chilly. The locals say that this summer is unusually cold compared to others. We drink lots of tea to stay warm in the mornings! However, the team seems to enjoy it much better than the hot and humid climate of boot camp!

We have stayed busy this week. On Tuesday afternoon we drove to Mossley Mill where the Mayor of Antrim and Newtonabbey met us. The whole team enjoyed a tour of the old linen mill and were treated with tea, coffee, and “biscuits” (cookies)! After the tour, the mayor brought us up to the council chamber where the chief of police introduced himself to us and made us feel very welcomed and safe! We also got to visit the Mayor’s Parlor before leaving. It was so special to us and we were overwhelmed with the generosity! Some of the team even got to try on the mayor’s garb and the police uniform.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the team went to a church about 15 minutes away in Mountpottinger to observe how the summer schemes are operated. They enjoyed interacting with the kids, coloring with them, teaching them verses, and playing games! The whole team is excited to start getting more involved with the summer schemes now that they have a better idea of what they’ll be doing.

On Saturday, we all enjoyed traveling into Belfast in style….on a double decker bus! We spent most of the afternoon there seeing the sights of the city, shopping for souvenir’s, and some of the team even enjoyed authentic fish and chips! It was delicious! We look forward to going back a little later on in the month. Earlier this week we also had a chance to walk along the coast here in Rathcoole. We are considered to be in the suburbs, right outside the “Big Smoke” (Belfast). It is such a beautiful area!

This next week will be starting out a little slow. The 12th and 13th are recognized holidays in Northern Ireland. Steven, our missionary, compares it to our 4th of July (just, obviously, a little different). Later on in the week we will be back to doing summer schemes and our regular schedule!

The team misses you all and prays for you daily! Please continue to lift up our team as well.

With love,
Northern Ireland Team

Over the past three weeks I’ve spent at Teen Missions is can already see some personal spiritual marurity. Boot Camp was a bit of a culture shock but it was kind of nice to be surrounded by people who’s main daily concern wasn’t their outward appearance but their focus on God. Having even the simplest luxuries removed for two weeks draws you closer to more important things and strengthens your relationship with God. I’ve learned how to use my own testimony to help others find theirs. Since we’ve got to Northern Ireland we have been very welcomed and everyone seems excited to have us here. We helped run a summer scheme program with a local church in Belfast. One of my favorite classes is our Bible Marking class. I love learning more about moral standards should be and being able to back it up with biblical evidence. I’m very glad and lucky to be here and hope I continue to grow throughout the summer. – Jocelyn

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  1. Is the missionary’s name Steven McLean? I am a FTM from the 2009 N.Ireland team. I miss that country and the people so much!

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