Greetings from Kathmandu!

Greetings from Kathmandu! As a first timer to the country of Nepal, I am excited to see and experience a different culture. I can assure you that I have not been disappointed, and am thankful for the experience that we have had in just a few short days.

As the head leader of this team, I am daily challenged to anticipate and take on the challenges of the day. Although not always easy, we as a leadership team seek wisdom and guidance as we definitely rely upon our Lord. We are building on to 2 separate existing shower/bathrooms here at Mendies Haven in an effort to make it much nicer and cleaner for the children at this home. Although, this home is a “haven” in the local area and is much nicer than any other that we have seen, it is still a residence in a 3rd world country. The general population has tanks on tops of the houses and either collect rainwater or purchase water. Here there are toilets and showers-of a sort-; but most of us are bucket bathing and bucket flushing toilets. There is water line plumbing to the bathroom/toilet stalls and is gravity fed to the showers and spigot valves to fill to use for bucket flushing; if the tanks have water in them. When we run low on water, we purchase water via a large water truck to be delivered and pumped to an underground cistern. The training that was given at The Lord’s Boot Camp has prepared our team well for our time here in Nepal. We really did not know until we got here for a few days exactly what our projects would be while we are here as sometimes it is hard to get things exactly nailed down ahead of time. One of the frustrations with not knowing what we were doing is that now we wish we would have brought tools and supplies with us that would make our work easier. Needless to say, we are trying to think outside the box and make do with what little we have and at the same time try to find out where we can buy certain tools and supplies. We are definitely reminded that we don’t have a Home Depot, Lowes or a local hardware around the corner. One of the adjustments that we have had to get used to is that business and scheduling ideas here don’t happen like we are used to in the United States. I have had to adjust fast, as the supplies needed are usually close by but it may not happen right away to get it delivered as we need them. In other words, life is much slower and more laid back and “today” does not mean the same as it would be at home.

To all of you parents, I want to thank you for allowing us to lead your children on this team. You have entrusted us to your most precious possession and we don’t take it lightly. We have had great times of singing, sharing in Bible study, team devotions and quiet time (personal devotions) and we know that the Lord is working in each life that is here, including us as leaders. We have prayed for this team long before we came and know that he put each and every one of us here for this time. We are praying that he will stretch us in new ways like he has never done before and that this summer will not go in vain. We would ask that you pray for wisdom for us as leaders, as there is much to do and yet we are reminding ourselves daily that the “mission” for this summer is for the teenagers that we brought and not the work project that we are doing. We as leaders are dealing with extreme tiredness and don’t want the enemy to use this to discourage us. This week has been one in which we are trying to feel our way through setting a daily schedule and has been challenging, but because of the maturity of this team, we have been able to “roll with it”. We know y’all are praying and ask that you continue. I will close now as I need to get to bed to be fresh for in the morning.

Have a great day in the Lord.  -Mr. Beaver, Head leader

If you are reading this, we are alive and in Kathmandu, Nepal. We arrived on July 6th at about 9:45 A.M., but to our bodies, it was about midnight. We stumbled out of the airplane, tired, but very excited to begin our project. After loading our luggage out of the airport, we realized that a bottle of maple syrup had exploded in one of our bags. It was sticky, but we cleaned it up as best as we could, loaded the luggage up onto trucks, then boarded a big yellow bus and headed to Mendies Haven. The bus ride to the Children’s Home through Kathmandu was blurry, because we were all passed out from jetlag. But by July 9th, we had fully recovered from our jetlag, and began our project of landscaping and building bathrooms for Mendies Haven. On Saturday, we decided to head into town for a church service, lunch, and shopping. The bus ride was very hectic this time. Motorcycles, busses, children and cows moved to the sides as we rocketed down a mountainous path in our big yellow bus. But, through all the chaos of Kathmandu, we heard the joyous sounds of Nepalese praise. Even though it was in another language, we still knew the praise of our God. We took off our boots and listened, (through a translator) to a powerful message, delivered in just half of a church building, still being rebuilt after the Nepalese earthquakes. Afterwards, we headed to the market, and returned, armed to the teeth, with elephant pants, and Gurkha knives. Don’t worry Mom, I only bought three knives. Love you!  Jake

Hey everyone!

Kathmandu is a beautiful place, we can see the mountains in the morning, and when we drive through town, the rice paddies are really pretty to look at. Mendies Haven is a really nice place to stay for a third world country. It is cool in the evenings, and the mornings are beautiful. Our work project is difficult and extensive. The project is adding on to the bathrooms that are already here. For the past 2 days we have been tearing down some walls and tearing up some foundation. I hope we can get it done!

Yesterday we got to go to a Nepali church! It was a really awesome experience. The people were so warm and friendly! Every one of them wanted to greet us with ‘namaste’. After church we went to the market. That was awesome! It was so fun to barter with the shopkeepers!

I am really enjoying being here, this is an awesome trip. Thank you to all our supporters, I am thinking about all my friends and family! Love ya’ll!   -Nathalie Yoder

Dear people of the internet,  It’s Timothy from the Nepal team. We have been here almost a week and we have accomplished a lot. We went to church yesterday. We walked in and you could tell just by listening that the people were into worshipping. Even though they were speaking a different language and we couldn’t understand them you knew that they were praising the God. It really touched me to see that we have brothers and sisters around the world. After the church service we went into town and we bartered our hearts out, and grabbed lunch. It was a great time of fellowship with my team. After we went into town we came back to Mendies Haven and I had a great opportunity to minister to the kids by playing basketball. I enjoyed it a lot. So that was our day yesterday. I’ve had a great time in Nepal and I‘m looking forward to the next three weeks here. Thank you for your prayers. I love and miss you, Petersen family!
God bless all of you. -Timothy



  1. Donald and Memy Hillman

    Great report!!! Glad to hear all is well…praise the Lord!!! We really appreciate all the leaders. The Nepal team is in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep up the good work. Shout out to Danny.

    Don and Memy

  2. Thankyou for these Updates. makes the Missing a little easier. Blessings to all

  3. Praise the Lord your team is well, working hard on projects,enjoying Nepalese culture and landscape and growing spiritually.I was somewhat relieved that you did not mention constant rain that my weather app reports for Kathmandu.Are you interacting with the children of Mendies Haven?It sounds like your work on the bathrooms is quite challenging.
    Thanks to all of you for your reports.They help me to understand better how to pray for you.I think of you very often as I go about my daily life, knowing you are sacrificing to serve in Nepal.May you learn life changing lessons,grow in your relationship with Our Lord in leaps and bounds and shine your lights of hope and faith in Jesus Christ to all who cross your paths!

  4. Thanks for the posts. They are being shared with family and friends. You are all in our prayers and I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands praying for this team. What a beautiful picture of many hands holding you up. Waves of prayers carrying you.

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