Greetings from the India team

Greetings from the India team. As I write this, they are waiting for their transportation to church. They were suppose to leave at 8 and it now 8:35 – I guess they are on India time. They will spend the day in town going to a national church whose congregation is providing lunch and will attend an English service tonight. They are all looking forward to going.

Everyone is enjoying their time here at the orphanage. While the team is working, the children are in school, the team has been busy moving dirt, sand and rock, making safer pathways, tying steel and preparing  for the foundation for the dining room. 

We get up at 5:30, have a snack before beginning work at 6 until 7:30 when we have breakfast and devotions. Then it is back to work until lunch. The afternoons are filled with free time, library reading and Bible marking before they go back to work until 5. Dinner is at 5:30 and then they are free until GG classes and then evening devotions. Their evening free time is usually spent playing with the orphans and I think that is their favorite time of the day! We go to bed at 8:30.

The team is staying fairly healthy. We have the usual colds after such a long trip in airplanes and some have stomach issues. We are emphasizing water consumption as it is so easy to get dehydrated.

The team is enjoying dorms, bucket bathing and doing their laundry by hand – it dries quickly on the roof. We pray for cool nights and the electricity to stay on so we can sleep well.

We are moving to the Teen Missions base on Friday morning.

Thank you for your prayers! Please keep praying! 

India has been pretty nice so far; however, it gets insanely hot and dehydration is common. We have been moving objects such as sand and tile upstairs to prepare for the mason ear. – Isaiah

This summer,  I have learned a lot of things. But most of all, I have learned about trust. I was stressed out a lot at Boot Camp, just with packing and their things. But during a few sermons, I learned to lay down everything and leet God take it all and He will direct my path. After giving everything to the Lord, I feel so relieved I can stop worrying so much. I thank the Lord so much that He is powerful and loving that He would do this for me. -Darin

So far this summer, I was discouraged. But when I had a chance to play with the orphans, I got a strong feeling of why I was here. -Miles

India has been very nice so far; no mosquitos but tons of flies. It almost seems nicer than Florida. Playing Duck, Duck Goose with the orphans was an uplifting moment     – Sarah C.

India is really pretty and there are water buffalo everywhere! love you guys! – Morgan

Hi, We’re still alive. I am having fun meeting all the people. I can’t wait to see the base, I am really happy here. – Cory

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